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First, let's do a little happy dance to welcome the weekend!  Anyone have anything fun and exciting planned?  Traveling?  Some organizing?  A project?  Maybe some guest entertaining?  I love this time of the year when things start to slow down a little and we have more flexibility in our weekends, so we will be entertaining and projecting.  Football Sundays are always good too!

We are going to put some energy into our storage room and will also be tackling our paint storage problem (since we removed it from our storage room earlier this year).  So fingers crossed we make some progress and I have a few fun new things to share next week.

Today, I am popping in to give you some extra organizing reads to check out around the blogosphere.  As many of you know, not only do I write at this place I call home, I also contribute over at Better Homes and Garden's Style Spotter's Blog and occasionally work with other websites and blogs as well. 

My most recent articles on the Style Spotter's Blog have been inspired by our climate changes and the upcoming holidays.   Our air is getting crisp, the ground is frosting over, candles are being lit, delicious treats are being baked (by our local grocery store) and the bin of winter gear has been pulled out of the garage.  Autumn is officially here!

For those that love to bake, how do you best store all of your baking supplies?  In this article, I touched on everything from mixers to sprinkles and even those awkwardly shaped baking pans.

Not only is it baking season, it is entertaining season!  With the holidays quickly approaching, do you have a favorite way to store all of your cherished serving pieces and linens?  I personally love a good china cabinet!

And now that winter gear is officially out of the bin and coats are on hangers in our closet, I thought I would share my favorite entryway alcove and why I think it works so well!

Last month I shared my excitement when I found out I was featured by my gal pal Oprah.  Oh wait?  She still doesn't know who I am?  A girl can pretend right?  Anyway... her peeps featured me again!  Twice in two months is totally making me blush!

This round-up includes quick and easy yet super inspiring tips for making updates to your bathroom.

Our cereal box dividers have officially been Bob Vila approved!  They were also featured on his website which is sharing amazing organizational solutions for dorm dwellers.

I am continuing to contribute to the The Daily Mom App feed, which I still love for a variety of reasons.  The daily jokes are also a huge hit with the kiddos.

Earlier this week I had the privilege of being interviewed by the folks over at Good Housekeeping!  Their name is one I have admired since my childhood years and the opportunity to collaborate with them on an article is a really big milestone moment for myself, and one that I can't wait to share with their biggest fan, my grandmother.

Although I love to organize, I would never proclaim to be the most organized woman on the internet (yet so honored they would title the article as though I am).  However, I did share ten super simple tips for starting an organizing project and chatted about a few lessons learned along the way.

It was an honor to celebrate my five year blogging milestone in September and I just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments, emails and notes on social media, congratulating and encouraging me along the way.  Blogging is never something I take for granted and I hope that I still have a few more years ahead of me.  At the end of the day, you pals keep me motivated to continually tackle spaces and share it here, so consider this as me hugging you in a very bear-like way. 

Last, but certainly not least, this blog would not be possible without my monthly sponsors.  They are each amazing companies that I love and support right back, you can check each of them out below or on the sidebar.

Cheers to five more years of organizing fun and to the weekend!  And who is ready for the next organizing link party?  I will have that to you soon!

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