Got 15?: Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

As I mentioned this morning, I am making a couple of content additions to the blog.  This morning I premiered a post regarding Top 10 Items IHeart.  And this afternoon, I am going to put out there a quick "Got 15?" challenge.

So what does this challenge entail?  Well, I thought it would be fun to toss out there, quick 15 minute organizing challenges that we can do collectively {or that I may have just done and it helped me out a ton}, because when you do things in packs, it makes it WAY more fun than doing it alone!

And, I am a total believer that organizing should be done in strides.  Trying to do everything all at once can become really overwhelming.  So, doing quick little 15 minute exercises can be a lot less overwhelming and just as effective as spending a whole day on something.

Sometimes the challenges may require a little thinking about what you already have, or may get you running out for a quick purchase... it all depends on you and what you have laying around your dwelling.

So, since the bathroom is this month's Featured Space, I thought I would focus the first Got 15? challenge, on the bathroom.

Ready?  Set?  Go!

Take a gander around the homestead for some small plastic baskets or bins.  Mine were all used up so I opted for some cheapo ice cube bins I found at Target:

Although I have a cleaning caddy on each level of my home, bathrooms for me are a little different.  They get messy faster than any room of the house.  And I am sure it has a little something to do with the fact that I live with four boys, but even so...

To reduce the need to head to a cleaning caddy each day for the quick bathroom wipe up, I found it was much easier just to store the essential items in the bathroom itself.  I also found it made me and the hubs a lot more likely to actually give the bathroom a quick wipe down more frequently, which was a huge bonus!

Inside the ice cube bins I filled them with the following:

Toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner, a sponge and three cut up old rags.  For our lower level bath, I threw in some more abrasive cleaner since we have grout/tile.

I went with the plastic bins to reduce bathroom germs from getting spread, an old box or wicker wouldn't be too great in this scenario due to germies and durability.

Then, I just tucked each one under a bathroom sink.

Main bathroom:

Master bathroom:

I opted not to put one into the spare bedroom bathroom since it's rarely used and get's cleaned far less frequently. 

Done?  I bet you got it done in under 15 minutes!  Even if you took some extra time to cut up some rags from an old towel, it is still a super speedy organizing project that will reap huge benefits, so congratulations!

I received some good feedback on the first new addition this morning, what do you think of the Got 15 challenge?  Is it a good concept and motivator or should I flush it down the toilet?  Anyone got a favorite 15 minute or less organizing tip to share with me?

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