July Featured Space: Bathroom - Final Weekend Update Part 4

Today I get to reveal the final bathroom update pictures, from beginning to end!  These are always the most fun posts to share, and this time around, I certainly am ecstatic about the outcome of the projects!  Sure, the space got a total face lift with the help of my best friend, Mr. Paint, however, it also gained boatloads of necessary storage!  And being one of the most visited and used rooms in our house, for all reasons bathrooms are, having good storage helps make using the space so much more pleasant and efficient.

So what types of storage was I lacking in the space?  Towels/hand towels/washcloths and extra toilet paper were all hanging out in a linen closet way down the hall.  Bathtub toys were typically left on the bottom of the tub since they had no place to call home and there was no room to keep out Qtips or bars of soap.  Toothbrushes lived in a cup that also was used for rinsing, on the counter of the sink, causing some eye clutter in the teeny tiny space.

All of those storage issues were solved within the bathroom update, and for a cost that I was really happy with.  And we all know how organized storage gets my heart racing... almost as much as it does for my hunky hub!

There is a ton that went on over the three days of bathroom updates, so I will try to keep it as to the point as I can, although, as you know, I am really awesome at rambling...

So without further ado, here again are the before pictures:

Previous bathroom was a two toned Navajo White and Grape Leaves Green.  Not including the tub, the bathroom is a solid 5'x5.5'!  That's IT!  So, I needed to get creative with adding functionality to the itty bitty space.

I started by painting the bathroom a solid lighter and more soothing color.  I also primed and painted the vanity cabinet from Volcanic Brown to the Navajo White that is on the kitchen cabinets and also used to be on some of the bathroom walls.

The space already felt SO much bigger just by updating the color pallet!  Wahoo for the $33 paint investment!

Next we focused on creating appropriate towel storage for our three growing boys.  The towel bar made it challenging to to hang three towels, so one would typically be found draped over the shower curtain bar.  Plus, identifying who's towel was who's was also somewhat difficult unless all three used a different color.

I made some simple updates to plain flower wall hooks, by adding a wooden plaque covered in decorative paper and embellished with a number for each little man!  Towel confusion, solved! 

Check out the step by step process here!

Next it was time to address the lack of hand towel storage and the little art issue I was having.  Enter our new window box!

Check out the step by step process here!
These two projects already created tremendous help, but there was one more major component that I haven't quite touched on yet.... 

Where to put all the extra towels, toilet paper, accessories, bath toys.... I scoured the internet to find a shelving unit sizely enough to hold everything I wanted it too, however, it also needed to not invade on the already small space.  That's when I found this bookcase from Ikea:

It measured only 11" deep and 79 1/2" tall!  Talk about using vertical space!  Bingo!  We snagged this baby for $60 smackaroos!  

Here it is assembled and placed in our new bath haven:

But I wasn't uber excited about it's "big box store" appearance.  Oh what to do....I wanted to wallpaper, but the cost of a single roll would be insanely too high for this cheapo makeover.  And I was nervous that wrapping paper would wrinkle in a highly damp space.

Thank goodness for my pal Emily, who sent me a little email about a blog that offered some inspiration!  It contained a link to a quatrefoil pattern that was used as inspiration for an AMAZING pantry makeover.  One look at the pattern and I thought it would be a dead ringer option for the backing of this cabinet!

Although I was crazy nervous since I have NEVER once in my entire being, stenciled anything other than some ABC letters on kid's art projects, I decided to give this idea ago.  

I printed off the pattern on some cardstock, and cut it out using an exacto knife:

Then, we removed the backing to the new shelf, and layed it out in the garage on a drop cloth.  I decided to do this project on the back side of the backing, because that way if it didn't turn out, I could just turn it back over to the stock version.

I threw on a quick layer of spray primer to give the paint a little something to stick too.  Then I snagged a roller and rolled on the Navajo White cabinet color:

And then using the bathroom wall color, I started stenciling away!

And an hour later, I had row numero uno done:

It was looking a little imperfect, but I knew no one would be looking at it super up close, so I kept moving along...

And 2 and a half hours later, it was done!

And installed back on the shelf:

Much better!  And I was right, the little imperfections were not all that noticeable from a distance and once placed with shelves.  I was so glad that I had invested the time, without investing any moola!!

So then I organized the shelves with all the bathroom necessities!

Bath toys went into a wire basket I snagged on clearance from Target for 6 buckaroos:

And because I got a little nervous that the wetness from the toys would ruin the shelf, I laminated a piece of scrapbook paper and tossed it underneath.  And it's on the top shelf, so no one would ever know it's there!

Next I tossed the toothbrushes into a little white vase I already had, and some Qtips and the kiddos hair supplies, into an the item I named top ten fave this month, the mason jar!

Extra rolls of toilet paper are now easy to find and access, straight across from the "throne", in a wire basket I stole from another bathroom:

Soap was tossed into a coffee mug and placed next to a plant:

And the bottom two shelves corral wash clothes and extra towels!

It's so super fantastical how much storage was gained with the shelf.  Life just got WAY easier!  YES!

The sink area was just freshened up with some accessories borrowed from around the house:

Which included some tea lights:

And bud vases:

I already had owned the uber cushy rug:

But still need a pedicure...

And I finished it all off by adding something that isn't even seen, but is a sweet little touch.  I lined the drawers with more laminated paper under our clear plastic drawer bins:

Which just gives me a little smile whenever I open up the drawers!

So there you have it!  That's how it all went down!  Er.. up?  hmmmm......

Here are the loved before and afters of the whole project:

Not to shabby eh?

So what did this spur of the moment, shower curtain inspired makeover cost us?!

Here is the budget breakdown:

Shower Curtain: $24.99 {went on sale and got two bucks back!} for $22.99
Shower Curtain Hooks:  $2.98
Behr Ultra Primer & Paint: $32.98
Shelving Unit: $60
Bathroom Petal Hooks: $30 for 3 plus $3 for the wooden plaques totaling $33
Window Box Storage: Free!
Bath Toy Storage: $6
Vase Accessory:  $5
All other storage/decorative paper/craft materials/accessories/bath mat:  Already owned!

Total cost?!  $162.95

And as they say, for us, streamlining our life with oodles of effective storage and giving the space a bright and airy feeling:  PRICELESS!

What are your thoughts on the bathroom makeover?  Anyone else been working on creating storage in their bathroom digs?  How about any stenciling success stories?!

Stay tuned for one more bathroom post before July is over, which will contain a total wrap up of this months featured space!

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