July Featured Space: Bathroom - Weekend Update Part 2

I am totally "hooked" on the little project I get to share today!  A.  It was easy.  B.  It didn't take long.  C.  It looks great.  D.  It's uber functional!

So many reasons, so I will get right to it!!

As you may recall from yesterday, I shared a slightly disturbing view of our previous towel bar situation.

Pretty blah and typical, but what was worse is that I have three little men that share that bathroom and the towel bar only as room for two towels.  And they never know who's is who's either... oh the madness!!

So, when updating the bath, I needed to be creative about solving the little towel situation.  But I also wanted to keep it pretty.

I started off with three wall hooks I picked up at Anthropologie for $10 each.

How I justified the splurge?  Well, these days you can barely get a decent looking command hook for under 8 smackaroos, so for the extra 2 dollars I snagged something with a lot of beauty.  Plus, towel bars are a pretty penny themselves, so I felt like I was still within a pretty decent budget.  However, my budget ended there.  Anything I was about to do from here on out had to be done on the uber cheap.

And cheap is exactly how the rest of this project went down.  Found at my local Michaels Craft Store, were three wooden oval plaques that I scored for under $3 total.

And then I just primed and spray painted them a cream color.

And traced them onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper, which I then cut out.

And applied with some handy Mod Podge:

Now they are totally durable for the moisture filled bathroom space.  But they didn't exactly solve the towel identification problem my little ones have, until I found some numbered brads that I hammered into the top of the wooden oval.

I had numbered each one, 1 for my P1, 2 for my P2 and 3 for my P3.  Perfect!

And from there, a hole was pre-drilled in the center of the oval.

Making is super easy to attach the flower hooks!

Then, they were just hung on the wall and the project was complete!  Here you can see how they were attached to the wooden oval:

But looking at them straight on, no one would be the wiser!

This project wasn't all about beauty either.  To ensure function wasn't lost, the hooks were hung lower than typical, since three sweet little boys will need to be able to see their numbers and reach their towels!

And if you notice, you may see a little bit more storage that got added to the room this weekend as well!  More to come on that later this week!

Before and After?  Of course!

Anyone "hooked" on this project with me?  Of course, the idea can be so versatile, from using different hooks to different shaped plaques or different pattered paper or initials vs. numbers.  But no matter which way you change it up, it's sure to be an easy and fun project!

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