June Featured Space: Laundry Room - Storage Galore

So June has officially come to an end, but luckily for you guys, I have two more days worth of Laundry Room stuff to wrap up!  Wahoo right?  Or are you just SO laundry roomed out that you are SO ready for a new topic?  Laundry is by far one of my least favorite household chores, so I totally dig it if you have had enough of my ramblings...

For those of you wanting a little more, I thought I would do a quick wrap up post of all of my favorite laundry room storage, some a quick refresher, other never seen before... at least never seen "here" before that is!

The majority of my storage is right at my finger tips and surrounding the main purpose of the room, the washer and dryer.  And the rest is on an old shelving unit that has served many purposes in it's lifetime, but seems to be the perfect addition to our laundry space.

Now, to take a closer look at all of the storage you see above, that IHeart and that totally makes the space uber functional for our family.

My favorite area of the room really is above the washer.  I updated a drink tub to hold my precious delicate wear, I use a gorgeous white lace basket to store my detergent and a handy candy container for my Borax.

And atop the dryer are some adorable green media boxes, which are extremely useful in keeping all of the little things neat and organized!

But what else is up on that white shelf?  Oh, all sorts of wonderful goodies!  Starting with a cute jar holding our dryer ball collection and a pretty white bowl for clothespins.

The bowl full of clothespins are totally just an aesthetic organizational  touch.  I actually haven't used the clothespins for any reason other than for an art hanging project, however, the dryers balls do get used frequently, and keeping them right in arms reach is what seemed to make the most sense!  I would heart to install a retractable clothes line in both the laundry room and out in the backyard, which would put really good use to the clothespins!

And right next to them, also on the white shelf above the washer and dryer, are some adorable little flower bowls that were given a personal touch.

One for B{ryan}, one for J{en} and another for P{reston, Peyton & Parker}.  The simple bowls just got the added personalized touch thanks to my scrapbook cart and some hot glue.  And what are they for you ask?  Well, they are the absolute perfect dumping ground when it's time to empty those pockets!

Yep, each cup is the perfect size to hold anything that a pocket could hold.  And they are easy to tote around the house, empty, and return to their home as well!

They definitely have saved the washer and dryer from some of my husbands loose screws {no pun intended of course} and my hair accessories or the kiddos matchbox cars and magnetix.

And moving on yet again are some stacking baskets.

These baskets are the perfect size and storage option for things like bra balls {that just doesn't sounds right, but what are they really called?} and garment bags.

Oooh, and remember one of the items IHeart most?  A wonderful combo of handy rod, hooks and containers from Ikea, equaling the perfect thing for storing frequently used cleaning supplies!

And for the rest of my basement cleaning supplies, as I mentioned here, they also get tucked away in the laundry room, at a quick and easy reach for any lower living area cleaning tasks!

And onto those white shelves.  They hold all sorts of goodies, but a few of the most important are....

Vacuum attachments?

Yep, anyone else out there that owns a Dyson probably knows exactly what I am talking about.  That's right, the vacuum is fancy, but not great enough to store all it's own attachments, some are just left to be tucked away for a later date and special cleaning tasks.

Again, more of those great stacking baskets, keeping a common storage theme within the room.

And on the shelf right below, is another way to save the washer and dryer and money for your future vacation.  I just added a little glass jar to the space, to collect all of our loose change.

It's quite the college savings plan!

I didn't just put the shelves to storage use, I actually also put the side of the unit to use as well.  It was the perfect place to hold our uber fantastical organized ironing station!

The iron board holder also sports a place to hold the iron and some spray starch.  I totally dig when everything works together in harmony to give you a one stop place for all needed to do a project!

And the top of the storage unit currently holds a couple of jumbo clear bins, which I found were the perfect size for corralling our massive supplies of toilet paper and paper towels.

No more rolls tumbling out of ripped open packaging!

And last but definitely not least, I just recently replaced a little lack luster artwork with something of function.  I had found a stain removal chart via MarthaStewart.com and printed it out and placed it in a painted white frame.

Now anytime I have a stain emergency, I have a quick chart to reference so I know just what to do!  Thanks Martha!

So there you have it!  A ton of uber easy, cheap and functional ways to keep your laundry room in tip top organized shape.  But now for my favorite part.  Your thoughts on the subject.  Anyone get some major laundry room organizing done this month?  How about your favorite storage in your home's laundry mat?  Anyone have any stain removing tricks up their sleeves?  I would love to hear all about it!

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