Welcome to IHeart Organizing 2.0!

You may have noticed a little somethin' somethin' when you stopped by today.  No, I didn't switch out that area rug, move that ceramic egg crate or forget to shower... I did however, do a little re-organizing project this weekend.  And I am hoping that you like?  Yeppers, this blog got a little bit of a face lift and a whole lot of cleaning up! 

You all know what a crazy person I am when it comes to keeping things in tip top order, so imagine my daily frustration with my previous blogger template and appearance.  It was a little bit overwhelming for this gal, and that was the last thing I wanted for any of you.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and streamline it, A LOT!

Here are the top five things that make the new blog layout so much more awesome:

1.  Ready?  Set?  Logo!  

The IHeart Organizing logo got a little bit of a face lift this weekend thanks to Dr. 90210 and Botox... or maybe just thanks to Photoshop... same thing in the blog world right?  Why update it you ask?  Well, it is kind of like updating a wall color in your humble abode, it can give a space a whole new life, which is exactly what I was looking to do! 

2.  Can I see a menu please?

Previous IHeart Organizing blog version visitors may recall that the side bar was the only way to navigate around the blog.  And the icons were large and didn't always carry a consistent theme.  The NEW blog template allows navigation along the top menu bar to some of the key pages that you may be looking for!  It also opened up much of that valuable side bar real estate!

3.  Speaking of the Sidebar... 

Now each portion of the sidebar is neatly labeled, hopefully making it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for!  Labels aren't just for pantries and kid cubbies... they are the "in" thing for the blog world too!

4.  And now for your Featured Presentation!

As many of you may know, I really enjoy focusing my spare organizing time on a different room each month.  This helps keep organizing projects less overwhelming and keeps me on a plan.  So, each month, I share tips and tricks, projects and items IHeart from a different featured space.  And now the current space will be visible on the sidebar, and even better, when you click the picture, it will take you to all of the blog featured space posts!

5.  Who are those kids in your pictures?  And that guy you call your hubs?  What's up with him?

One thing that I really have learned to love about some of the blog I personally divulge in, is their story.  And I don't mean that I am that creepy neighbor lurking in the bushes to gather some good gossip, I just feel like when I know a blogger on a more personal level, their blog posts always make more sense.  Some bloggers are quite great about sharing those deets with us, and others {i.e. me} are not!  When I started this here blog, it was meant to focus the great benefits and enjoyment of organizing, and I definitely do chat about my family frequently, since they are drivers behind how and why I organize the way I do, that's about where it ends.  Some of you may not care that Parker is obsessed with monkey p.j's or that Peyton is getting his abnormally large tonsil's removed soon or that Preston is a Lego building genius... but for those of you that do want to know more about "The Jones", I have started up a family blog as well!  So feel free to stop by, the blog door is always open!

So that's my top 5 list of blog beauty updates.  Hopefully it will be a great example of how keeping things streamlined and organized, really does simplify things, in all of the worlds that we live in!

But what about the content?  This is where I REALLY need your help!

I have thought of a couple of things I would like to do to update some of the content to be found here, like a 15 minute weekly organizing challenge or chats about items I am totally digging each month... but this blog wouldn't exist without you.  And I want what you want.  Really!  So if you could take a second to answer the following questions, I would be forever grateful!!

1.  Each month a new space is featured.  What types of things would you like to consistently see brought up?  {Free organizing updates?  Essential space items?  What's hot now?  Keeping the space green? Etc...}

2.  What's missing?  What do you personally Heart about other blogs, that you aren't getting here?

3.  What keeps you coming back?  What types of posts get you giddy and inspired?

4.  What space in your home or area in your life, could use the most organizational help, or is the biggest challenge to you?

5.  Tell me about you!!!  Having an understanding of who is stopping by to check things out, will hopefully help me to tailor posts more accordingly!  What's your age {20's, 30's, 60's}?  Where are you from?  Family?  Kids?  Dogs?  Passions?  Fetishes? {OK, maybe not...}  Please feel free to share as much or little as you wish, I just can't wait to here all about you!

Finally, I can't say it enough!  THANK YOU!  Your daily emails, visits and comments inspire me in more ways than you know!  I have nothing but appreciation for you!

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