You "Can" Do It!

Sometimes I dig for projects.  Literally!  We had a garage sale not so long ago and we still have a pile of leftover things ready to be donated to our local thrift store.  Well, I went digging.  And I found some stainless canisters that didn't sell... they are kinda plain and lacking luster, but I thought for sure someone would see the potential.  I guess not.  So I did!  And then I wondered, why didn't I think of this sooner?!

Enter, a stainless steel canister:

Who doesn't have one of these floating around?  Anyone could do this.  And hey, if you don't, never underestimate that soup can.

When I set this canister on the counter... it looked as so.

But that wasn't very appealing.  At all.  Something about the stainless showing every mark and finger print.  And it's just too blah for my taste.

And that is why I totally heart spray paint.

First I taped.

Then I primed.

And then I painted the canister green and the lid cream.

So once the tape was pulled, it looked as such:

Which was WAY WAY WAY better already!  And I could have stopped there.  "Could have" being the key words.

A recent scrapbook paper pack I had purchased came with some stickers.  I took my favorite one and placed it on the can.

And then I used some Mod Podge:

To glue down the leaves of the sticker...

And then coated the whole canister for an even matted effect.

Leaving a pretty fantastic finished product right?  All filled with my morning granola snack!

Ready for the fun before and after side by side action?

I totally know that if I "can" create a pretty canister, than you "can" do it too!

Pretty fantastic what a little spray paint can do!  Have you been spraying anything interesting as of late?  Anyone else go shopping through their own garage sale leftovers and reinvent the wheel?  Share the goods!

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