My Little Farm Girl

I think one of the things Lillie has enjoyed most (if you don't count her trip to the Friendly Farm) during her time up here has been our trips up to my Uncle Dale's farm. She LOVES to be outside and has a ball every time we go up there. I am not sure which she loves most: the homemade donuts, the dogs, the dirt, or flirting with Levi. These pictures are actually from a couple of different trips up there (even though she is wearing the same thing). We went up again yesterday and met my cousin Cathy and her four little ones and they all had so much fun playing out behind the farmstand in the dirt. They pretty much all cried when it was finally time to leave. We had to hose them all down first, though, before putting them in the cars. I know Lillie is going to miss them all so much when we head south.

Smelling the flowers and definitely not letting go of her cinnamon sugar munchkin!

She loved playing with Duke! I think he had just snatched a bit of a donut out of her hand!

Lillie and Luke

Here is beautiful little Abigail Grace

And here she is with her grandfather, my Uncle Dale

She is the sweetest little thing!

Lillie and Auntie Jamie on the four-wheeler

Lillie and our cousin, Annie



My munchkin eating a munchkin

On another note, Lillie is sooooo excited! Her daddy is coming tomorrow! YAY!!!! We have missed him so much this past month. I think we are going to take her to the Chesire Fair on Friday which I am pretty sure she is going to love. Lillie has also been missing her Auntie Dana. I am pretty sure Dana is counting the days until Lillie's return to Williamsburg (and I think Mrs. Shaver is too - haha)...

Here are a few pics we took of Lillie and Dana when she was up here for the Fourth of July:

We just got back a little bit ago from the most fun photo shoot we have had yet! We took Lillie and Abby up to Walpole and got one of my uncle's vintage cars out (well, actually it was a truck from the 1920's, he also has a Model T which I would love to use someday, too) and got them in their tutus. I am not sure if any of them came out okay but I can't wait to get them on my computer and see! Once I get them edited I will post some on here.

Also, thank you all for your prayers for our grandfather. We are truly grateful for them. I don't have much to report except that he is out of the hospital now.

Well, back to work. I hope you all are having a lovely week!

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