Vintage Truck Photos and Upcoming Give-Away Announcement

Well, we are officially back home! We got in mid-afternoon yesterday and have been running around like crazy ever since. Even though we had the most wonderful time in NH, there is just something so wonderful about walking through your own front door after being away. Jon had the place sparkling! I don't know if it has been this clean since we moved in - haha! It is funny, I am such a neat-freak and everything in our house has to be in it's exact place (at home anyway, for some reason when I travel it all goes out the window and I make such a mess - sorry Mom and Dad!) but I hate cleaning. Jon is the exact opposite. He doesn't really care that much if his clothes are on the floor or if his coffee mugs are left here and there, but he hates for things to be dirty. It worked out pretty nicely for a while - I kept things tidy and he kept them clean and our house was tidy and spotless. Then Lillie arrived and she pretty much manages to undo everything we have done in about 10 seconds - ahhhh! Sorry, I am getting sidetracked. Anyway, we got everything unpacked, had dinner and then started working on emptying the garage out and started moving everything over to our new storage unit. We continued with that today and have pretty much everything over there and most everything organized. I also ended up going through all of Lillie's drawers and her closet and boxing away her clothes she has grown out of. Why do cleaning and organizing projects always seem to give birth to other cleaning and organizing projects? Ahhhhhh!!!! I have decided I am going to have to put painting the garage on hold for now because there just isn't going to be enough time, but we do have it looking very organized and hopefully by tomorrow night it will be ready to start working in! YAY!!!! Next time we have a little break I am looking forward to painting it. We also hired our first non-family member employee today! She is going to start in about ten days. I am so excited!

Enough rambling, here are the pictures from our photo shoot with my Uncle Dale's vintage truck. Although my camera wasn't cooperating (Lillie had been playing with it and I didn't notice that she had completely messed with my settings until AFTER I got home - argh!) this was still by far the most fun we had doing a photo shoot with the girls. Plus, it was pretty entertaining getting the truck out of the garage - you should have seen me attempting to steer it while Jason and Josh pushed it, and Jamie and Cathy kept Lillie and Abby at bay!

Abigail Grace - She was so funny! She actually leaned up against the truck and was posing - haha! I think the second shot is one of my favorites. Have you ever seen such blue eyes? They almost don't look real.

And here are some of Lillian Annabel - she LOVED the lollipop! She had only ever had one once before so she thought it was quite the treat!

Don't forget to check back! We will be hosting a
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I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!

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