You Asked: Did You Get the Memo?

I have been receiving some "buzz" and questions regarding our happy little memo station located in our kitchen area:

Like "Where in the world did you snag that?" and "How do you use it?"

So where did I find it?  Well, it was a little splurging that happened in stages, but I just knew, as an organizing crazy person, that I had to have it!

I purchased one piece at a time, from the Pottery Barn Daily System {which must be fairly popular since they have had them for sale for eons}.

And as fantastically perfect, functional and adorable as every single piece of the system is, it also comes at a pretty not so adorable price.  I purchased our Daily System Letter Bin's and Office Organizer back in the days when I was working full time and had a much nicer income, and a lot less DIY time.  Those days are long gone, and if I had to do it again, I would have gone for something a lot less pricey yet equally effective {Just because today I couldn't fathom spending that type of moola on anything that could be made on the cheap!}

Finding a rack that is typically intended for magazines would actually be a wonderful option if you are looking to sort more than just mail.  I have quickly found many "mail" slots available when searching online, however, it's important to be cautious of their size, meaning you are very limited to sorting only envelope sized papers.

A wall mount magazine file is great for assigning members of the family their own "bin" or "in box" to keep track of their personal papers, such as baseball schedules, school supply lists, homework, to do's, etc... all in one handy location, which is why IHeart our memo station.

Each dude/dudette in our family has their own personal bin, in which they can always rely on to find the most current information that pertains to them.  The hubs and I can find any "to do" items such as bills to mail or invites to RSVP to, and the kiddos can find all of their school and activity related papers.

I would definitely recommend a station like this for any busy or growing family, and if you are a good bargain shopper, you could find all sorts of adorable mail/magazine files that mount on the walls, at a plethora of places outside of Pottery Barn. 

Like the most magical place in the world... Target!  Remember those bins I hung in our closet to stash our cords and batteries?

They were scored for around five buckaroos each, a far cry from the $50/piece Pottery Barn versions, yet could offer the same functionality!

There are also a variety of wood or mesh versions on the market that could easily be sprayed with some color and/or mounted on a piece of framed wood with some labels slapped across the front.  Ugh, totally one of those major "Why didn't I think of that sooner!?" moments!!

Buyers remorse?  Maybe a little... But at the same time, they have lasted us a couple of years already and they still look like they are fresh from the box, and by ensuring we don't lose a piece of important information, they have proved priceless!

Anyone have any DIY versions of a memo station that you have already completed and would be willing to share with the rest of the wonderful readers?  How do you all keep yourselves and family organized in the paper department?  Memo me with your goods!

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