Picture This!

One day I received a fabulous question from a fabulous reader.  She was inquiring about the Jones' cleaning routine, so I shared it with her via this post.  Within that post I shared with you all, a secret weapon cleaning spreadsheet that I had created...

Then one day, I had a crazy cleaning fit and took all of my things off of my fridge, because I just can't stand fridge clutter.  I tucked away the checklist until I could come up with a new solution.

I wanted to be able to use the dry erase method for the checklist, but the laminated option began looking a little dingy and floppy.  Then bam, it came to me!  Love when that happens!

Glass is dry erase, and frames are less "floppy" than just laminated paper.  You know where I am going with this now right?!!

I snagged a cute frame from during a recent Ikea trip:

Along with a pack of Command Picture Hanging Strips:

I then updated our checklist with things that I found I was adding to the open slots, and printed it out in an 8 x 10 format {gotta love that printers can just resize things for you!  They also make document sized frames, I just didn't stumble across one that I loved...}

Then, following the directions on the back of the Command Strip package, I attached the strips to the back of the frame:

And then popped the frame onto the side of the fridge!

The frame offers a much cleaner look!  And I just heart how it matches our mail station PERFECTLY!

 But does it work?  Um, YES!  Smiles all around!

The glass is a perfect way to use the "dry erase" option, I just use a fine point dry erase marker!  I love it so much, I will be utilizing this again and again for a couple more things....

Super quick and easy update that takes something from looking a little drab, to uber fab!  I just heart when that happens!

What have you been popping into frames lately?  Anything other than art and pictures?

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