Preston's Bedroom Update: Painted Dresser!

I mentioned last week that Preston's bedroom will be going through a few changes to evolve with him, since he is a growing boy and should have a space that reflects that. 

The first item I was excited to tackle was the dresser.  I had all the supplies on hand that I needed in order to get things done, so it was a super simple update that made a great difference to the space!

Here is what we started with.  I had named it the Green Goblin. 

The dresser was a family "hand-me-down" that once lived in our guest room, and was painted two shades of green.  It was OK for a guest room, but when it was moved to Preston's room, it just wasn't working.  Well, the dresser works great, the color however, not so much. 

I have been planning for awhile to update it with grey and white, although, I went back and forth on adding a pattern or texture to the drawers.  I decided to keep things simple for now, since I figured it would be easy to update towards the end of the room transformation should the room need a little extra somethin' somethin'.

As I mentioned, the entire process was super simple.  Since it was already a painted dresser, I was just painting over paint.  No priming needed, and I say Wahoo to that!

I loved the Annie Sloan chalk paint so much when I updated our thrift store stool, that I went right back for it for this dresser update.

I got some questions about why I love the chalk paint, and you can find all the details on the Annie Sloan website, but I love that it is very low VOC, great for painting furniture and no priming is needed.  It covers oh so nicely, and that meant one single coat on the dresser!

I used some painters tape so I could keep the two toned look on the ends, the drawers were given three coats of Behr's Snow Fall.

And that is it!  A few days to cure and we moved it right back into Preston's room. 

The drawer pulls make me swoon.  So dreamy.  I actually purchased them awhile back for our master bedroom dresser but they just weren't right.  I have been hanging on to them for this dresser update, and boy am I glad I did!  They add a bit of sophistication to the room.

Since he is getting older, and will want to "check himself out" before heading to school, I brought in the mirror from our entry.  The dark finish mimics the finish on his bed and is a nice balance to the wall.

Next to the mirror, I stole a few frames I have been hoarding for a gallery wall project, and printed some of Preston's baseball photos on our home printer.

For now, I kind of like they are all different frame finishes, it ties in all the finishes from around his room.

Since this part of the process was completely decorative and not organizational, the dresser was topped with a few of his accessories and this project was checked off as complete {and checked off of our top ten project list to boot}!

Oh, and a view from the side.  I just love the two tone effect!

Let's love the before and after together, shall we?

What have you all painted with the fabulous chalk paint? {feel free to share a link if you have blogged about it}  How about dresser updates?  Such a room changer right?

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