A Jewelry Holder Tutorial

I hope you all had a fun weekend! We were busy here running all sorts of errands, making a tufted ottoman for our living room and taking trip to IKEA. The ottoman is almost finished and once it is I will photograph it and have a tutorial for it. For today though, I have a tutorial on how I made the jewelry holder for out bathroom. I have to say it has been so much nicer having them all hung like this instead of getting all tangled in a drawer.

First, here is what you need:
Cork (I bought a roll at JoAnn Fabrics)
Spray Adhesive
Some Form of Sharp Blade
Paint and Brush
*Tape and Ruler optional (for if you want a pattern painted on your cork)

First, I unrolled my cork and then placed the backing of my frame on top of it. I lined them up and cut the cork the exact size as the frame backing.

I then sprayed the frame backing with spray adhesive and rolled the cork onto the back to adhere it. 

Once that was done I painted a layer of Ballet White on the cork.

Then I drew a grid of dots and connected them to make a chevron pattern. 

Now for the taping...my least favorite part! 

I painted every other zig-zag in London Fog.

Before the paint dried I peeled off the tape and then once it was dry I popped it into my frame. (I had planned on using the frame in the first photo but then found this one that was a perfect match for the other frames I already had in the bathroom so I ended up switching to this one). I used my drill to drill three holes.

I had to drill from the backside too.
Now it's time to install the hardware. I found these glass knobs at Lowe's.  I would have preferred a silver base but this was pretty much all they had. Now, the screw they include is great for on furniture but way too long for this project so I went to Ace Hardware and found some shorter ones.

Here they are after being attached to the cork.
Now just add your jewelry!
Because it's cork you can just pop your earrings on here too!

Have a beautiful week!

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