My Tiny Not So Great Attempt at Red and a Reindeer Pillow

My lovely little Lillie informed me as we started decorating a little while ago that she was pretty sure Christmas was supposed to be red and green, not all white. Although she is not perfect =), I have to say she said it in the sweetest little voice and seemed somewhat concerned - as if possibly I didn't know this fact. So, I decided seeing how we had already finished the downstairs and we were doing pink in her room that I would try to add a touch of red either in our bedroom or to the porch. Our new cranberry reindeer pillow was finished and ready to be photographed right before I started decorating our master bedroom so I thought I would try it in there first. Even though it was just a little touch I have to say it just wasn't me. I do really love the pillow though so I've decided I'm going to go with red out on our porch so I can use it there. I am hoping to get that done later this week. That's my last space left to decorate. So, this red lasted about ten minutes and then I settled for something a little more me which I will show you next week. And yes, I know, I had planned on painting my room Revere Pewter and still am planning on it but am going to hold off until the new year. There has just been so much going on these past few weeks that I can barely see straight. And due to the time of day I took these I had to crank my ISO WAY up so they are super grainy. Sorry! I wish I had taken the time to get my tripod out. Ugh!

The beautiful wreath is from Lynch Creek Farms. They have the most beautiful greenery. I will share more about them later this week!

The reindeer pillows are now for sale in our shop:

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Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Be sure to check back soon (hopefully tomorrow) for a Christmas Giveaway.

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