Preston's Bedroom Update: Nightstandtastic!

We have been slowly making little tweaks and updates to Preston's bedroom as he goes from building blocks to baseball and studies. 

So far I shared the befores, an explanation and a plan.  Then, I started out by painting his dresser and DIYing a herringbone pendant shade.

I decided it was time to tackle the other corner of the room. The bed and nightstand...

Of course, anything was better than a messy bed and plastic baggy coaster....

The nightstand was working just fine, but I wanted to jazz it up a notch and make it feel like it was meant for the room.

So, I taped off the drawer...

And gave it a quickie coat of the Annie Sloan Paris Gray chalk paint.  I had also used it on his dresser, so it tied the two pieces together.  No primer needed, the paint went on perfectly over the laminate drawer front.

So much better!!

The lamp was a hand me down from my parents.  It is OLD.  I kind of like it as is.  My boys, not so much.  They voted spray paint.  Now, it's just a matter of Preston picking out a color.  It is his room after all...

I also added a small tray which doubles as a coaster for his nightly glass of water.

The baskets in the lower section of the nightstand were labeled and one is designated for laying out clothes the night before school and the other holds his special sport uniforms.

I ordered his bedding when West Elm was having one of their 20% off bedding sales, and I love the difference it makes in softening up the space!

Showing him the following before and after photos made him raise his eye brows.  He could see how taking the time to make his bed makes all the difference in his room!

We still have a bit to go.  We need to address his desk area, add artwork, update the curtain panels and tackle the final corner of the room, but we are making some slow and steady progress!

I love the difference that some quick coats of paint and new bedding have made to the room already!  So far, the bedding and two baskets have been the only items we have had to invest in, which is also a win for a room makeover!  More to come so stay tuned!

Curiosity is getting the best of me.  Where do you fall on the making the bed every day debate?  And although Preston will ultimately get to decide, what color do you think we should go with on the lamp?

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