Tufted Ottoman Tutorial and Briar Hats in Gray

 I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Ours has been good so far - William and Mary won again last night so they are off to a 2-0 start for the year. And I just finished up another project last night that I hopefully will be able to get photographed in the next day or two so I can show you. And we've got several new products for the holidays that I am excited about that are almost ready to list and a few others that are in the works! For now though I want to show you how to make the tufted ottoman I showed you yesterday.

For my ottoman this is what I used:
4 pre-made legs (I got mine on sale at Lowe's for $3.34 each!)
2 – 1” x 3” x your choice length boards- I used 48"(for the length of your ottoman)
4 – 1” x 3” x your choice boards - I think I used around 22 1/4" so that when paired with the two long boards is made my ottoman 24" wide by 48" long (2 are for the width of your bench and 2 bracing pieces)
Electric drill with one box self – drilling 1 ¾” wood screws
1 particle board or some kind of wood cut to the size you want your ottoman - I chose 24" by 48"
2" foam cut to fit on top of your ottoman - I chose 24" by 48"(I would have preferred to use the 3" foam but it was so expensive)
Fabric - I used 2 yards
Staple Gun
Upholstery Buttons
Long Needle (I used a doll needle but you can also use an upholstery needle)
Thin jewelry wire (or very heavy-duty thread) 
Pliers (optional)
 Paint or Stain for Legs

Okay, so here goes for the tutorial. The first thing I did was cover the buttons with fabric (you can see a step-by-step how in yesterday's post).

Next I marked out on the foam where I wanted to place each button to make the tufting. I had to play around with it a bit to get the diamond patter exactly how I wanted.

Then I used my drill to cut holes. Make sure to have your drill already going before you start into the foam. This was by far my least favorite part of the project. The rest was pretty easy - this part was a pain! I am guessing there is an easier way. Once I had the holes cut Lillie and Lola had fun pulling any extra foam out of the holes and making each hole a little bit bigger.

 Then we lined the foam up on top of the particle board and Lillie poked through each hole in the foam to make a mark with a sharpie onto the particle board.

Once she did that I used my drill and cut the coordinating holes out.

It was so much nicer cutting these out than it was cutting the foam!

 Once that was done I started building the base. I used the same format as our dining room bench.

This was what it looked like when I was done. 

Then I added the four legs. I forgot to take a photo of that when I was making the ottoman but I did it the same way as I did on the bench in the photo below: (The legs I wanted to buy were about $10 a leg. I found the legs I ended up using for a little over $3! I wasn't completely sure about them but the thought of spending $12 on legs vs. $40 won out and in the end I really really like how they turned out!)

Once the base was done I flipped it over and added the particle board on top. I screwed it down in each of the four corners.

Then I secured the top to the two middle braces underneath as well.

Then I added the foam.

Now here's when I went wrong. I decided to skip the batting and just start tufting....

Ugh! Without the batting it looks so flat and homemade looking! I wanted to cry as I cut each button loose after all that hard work tufting it. 

 Alright, lets try this again! I removed the buttons but left the fabric on and then added batting to the top.

I used a sharpie and marked where all the tufting needed to go and then used scissors to cut through the batting where each marking was.

Then I threaded the long doll needle with the jewelry wire and stared pulling each button through. I had to use pliers a couple of times to help pull the needle through. I started with the center of the ottoman and worked my way out. 

When I pulled each button through I put a small screw on the underside next to each hole and then tightly wound the wire around it to help keep the buttons secure and hold the buttons really tight to make for a deep tufted look.

It can be a little hard pulling the needle through each time, but I have to say this part is kind of fun as you see the tufting start to come together. 

 Where each tuft is you kind of fold the fabric over like this and then pull it tight underneath the frame and use a staple gun to secure the fabric.

This is what it should look like at this point.

Then I just trimmed of the excess fabric.

And then I painted the legs gray.

And then rubbed some Annie Sloan dark wax over them! (I had planned on painting/waxing the legs before I even put them onto the ottoman but when you have two little helpers it's easy for things to not go according to the plan...it would be easier, though, to paint them before attaching them so you don't have to be so careful about not getting paint or wax on the fabic).

 And that's it for our tutorial!

I also wanted to let you all know we stocked our briar hats in gray last night! They are selling fast and there are only a few left.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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