UHeart Organizing: A Cozy Craft Corner!

We have been doing a lot of holiday talking lately, so let's get back to organizing shall we?  Cassie from Hi Sugarplum is back again today to share the most sweet and stylish crafting corner yet!  Ready to be in loooove?

Hello fellow organizational enthusiasts! {That's the polite version of 'OCD Whacks'! But I don't care, it's a label I wear proudly!}  I'm thrilled to be hanging out with you again, and I hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend! One of my favorite things about this time of year, is having the kids home from school. But that doesn't mean mama wants them glued to my side the entire time! It's nice when they play by themselves some, too {can I get an Amen!?}.

My daughter loves to draw and read, so to encourage self-play and creativity, I carved out an Art Center space just for her. It doesn't have to be big...just a little corner or blank wall.

I created a small Art Center for her last year, but her needs have changed, so it was time for a little overhaul. Like Jen always says, organizational spaces need to be revisited and tweaked until perfect!

First I painted our Ikea chalkboard with leftover paint from her dresser, and hung some magnetic rails we weren't using. If you don't have an Ikea nearby, you can use small curtain rods or magnetic strips. But always search your house for supplies first, you'd be amazed at how useful those random items can be!

I'm a sucker for personalization, so I spray painted wooden letters and glued them to the chalkboard. These are from Hobby Lobby, but most craft store sell them. My penmanship rivals a serial killer doctor's, or else I'd have just drawn her name.

The chalkboard pulls double-duty since it's magnetic, too. We don't have a large house, so I try to squeeze every usable space out of it!

Every artist needs supplies to create their masterpieces....so we hung several buckets on the rails to corral colored pencils, markers, scissors, stencils and crayons. I'll label the buckets {duh!} once I see how she likes to keep them. I left extra room in the buckets and rails, so she can add little touches of her own.

You can read how to create these cute monogrammed buckets here {they were part of the original space}.

Along with being an "organizational enthusiast," comes just a teeny-tiny bit of neat-freakness....which means I don't like things laying around on the floor. A small rack provides enough storage for the coloring and reading books she uses most. This one is from Container Store, but any wall mount rack will do. Or even a small basket to place nearby.

We clipped her stickers to the basket as well....you know, that whole double-duty thing!

Everything she needs to create, read and relax...all in one cute and colorful spot!

Happy girl means happy me!

I took the Art Center one step further, by adding no-sew throw pillows, a cozy throw and a lapdesk.

This sweet corner gets a lot of action! You can check out the rest of her room here.

I could totally spend the afternoon here, napping coloring and reading with my favorite girl. Do you have a little space for yourself or your kids, totally dedicated to crafting and creating? I think I need to find another corner in the house for me!

"Hi, I'm Cassie, a DIY and design-obsessed Texas girl, and lover of travel, fashion, sarcasm and Mexican food. When I'm not hanging with my sweet and funny family, you can find me kicking the '80s out of our home, one budget project at a time, on my blog Hi Sugarplum!"

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