Gettin' Jiggy with a Jar

We do all sorts of organizing projects around here.  Expensive ones, cheapo ones, free ones.... they come in all shapes and sizes.  But what is fairly common, is that I can't leave well enough alone and I am always trying to tweak things to make them a little more pretty.

This project was a freebie for me since I had everything on hand!  Love that right?!  And it wasn't necessarily organizing, it was more just giving a storage item a little face lift.  Since my plastic surgeon was on vacation, I called in my spray paint stash instead...

I started out with a simple, glass spaghetti jar, which I believe was an IKEA find a few years ago.  We have had it forever, and I can't begin to tell you how many times I have tried to stick it into the pantry since I have never really loved how it looked.  But it is too tall for our pantry, so on the counter it sits.

Did you know you could spray paint glass?  You probably did.  Since I live under a rock most days, I just learned this more recently so I am going through a glass spray painting frenzy. 

And a stripe painting frenzy as well. 

I started out with thin painters tape, and taped off my first line.  Then, I used more tape to act as equal spacers and continued to tape all the way up the jar.

Then, I gave the jar two coats of pretty blue spray paint. 

And pulled the tape to reveal a more unique and pretty jar!

I sort of love it!  And it got me looking at all my jars with that scheming devilish eye....

Now, if any spray paint leaks under your tape, the good thing is a razor easily scrapes it off for a clean look.  The bad news, is that it also shows how easily the rest of the paint can chip as well.  So, I added a quick clear coat over the top of the stripes {using a spray similar to this}.

The goal was to make the spaghetti jar more attractive, and maybe even distract the eye from the dated counters and cabinets.... did it work?

No?  Ha!  Guess that means we need to get going with a kitchen reno, I will tell the Mr.

Anyway, I love that glass can be painted and that we can do free projects like this to give a splash of color to storage!  Happy day!

What storage have you been giving life to with a little bit of paint?

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