Our 2012 Christmas Display

Today I am "wrapping" up our Christmas posts with our annual shelving display decor.  As you may recall if you have been hanging out here for awhile, in 2010 we made a coffee filter wreath and scoured our home for decor items and in 2011, we spiced things up with some color...

Earlier this year, we did a major shelving switcharoo.  The two white shelves from Preston's bedroom closet went to my brother's apartment, so the two floating shelves from our kitchen went to Preston's bedroom and a spare single white floating shelf took their place.  So this year, our display had one less shelf to play with, and this is what we ended up with:

A peek at the sweetness head on?

I decided to stick with tradition and use items from around the home to dress things up a bit for the holiday season.

The frames were cheapo frames I had hoarded awhile back for a future gallery wall project.  I just placed some gold snowflake gift wrap in each one and added vinyl "25" numbers to the fronts.

All of the "trees" on the shelves, were cardstock paper rolled up and strings of beads {$2 each from Target} hot glued around the outside.

I scattered small mercury glass votives in-between the shiney bead trees...

Everything looks prettier on a cake stand right?

The glimmering gold garland is my favorite part.  To DIY it, I started by using some gold metallic craft paint and painting it on the front and back of cardstock paper...

Then, I used a small circle paper punch to punch out piles of the gold paper.

A needle and thread later, and I had some gold dot garland!

Let's stand back and take it all in with the rest of the dining area...

On the table, I just filled some hurricane vases with cranberries and candles.

The real beauty of the display is at night...

We love it and it seems to do a great job tying in the tree, DIY ornaments and holiday card display in the adjoining areas. 

It is so much fun to look back and see how the shelving displays have changed and evolved from year to year.  And after Christmas comes and goes, it always sparks a restyle on the shelves for spring, which gets me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it now....

Let's chat Christmas decor one last time.  Do you create vignettes and displays and have fun getting creative with them from year to year?  What do you DIY and what to do you splurge on?

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