Reader Space: Ooooh La La Laundry Room

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend!  I hope everyone had the Merriest of Christmases and that your days were filled with love, warmth and joy.

I am here to share the final Reader Space of 2012!  It's a great one too as April is stopping by to share a laundry room to love!

April blogs over at House by Hoff and shares all sorts of fun DIY and craft projects.  A few weeks ago she sent over her laundry room/workspace and I was so smitten with it, it left me smiling for days!

"This room is the very definition of a multi-purpose room!  We use it for laundry and as my work/craft space.  It is also the first room we walk into from the garage, so we need to have places to hang things and throw the diaper bag!

My favorite thing about this room is that it is functional, but pretty!  The shelves between the two cabinets were my chance to put out some pretty milk glass, my blue mason jars, my favorite white cake stand and my large numbered jars.  These accessories make this room really cute, in my opinion!  I would also say that the labels clipped onto the baskets make the space prettier.  I used some scrapbook paper to back the labels and clipped them on with mini-clothespins.

The baskets above the washer/dryer were chosen to give us specific places to keep the "extra stuff" that usually had no home.  I think the enemy of organization is that extra clutter that you don't know what to do with, just give it a basket with a label and your problem is solved!

The other important component would be the curtain.  It hides the unattractive laundry baskets, drying rack, dog kennel, my husband's briefcase and work bags.

My tip for keeping a space like this organized, is to think about the purposes for the room before you redo it.  When you design it around your needs, keeping it organized is easier.  Living in the house for a few months before we re-did it, helped me understand our needs for the room.  It occurred to me that we need a specific place to keep the diaper bag, so that it wasn't always sitting on the dryer, and a specific place to keep my husband's dry cleaning, so that it wasn't taking up room in my work space, etc... When I understood what we needed, I could design a space that works well for us!

I am a happier person when things are "in their place", so it just makes me happier and calmer to have an organized space.  I also love having my little nook to work on my crafts and DIY projects.  Walking into an organized and clean space is a nice welcome home each day!"

I couldn't agree more with April!  I would be grinning ear to ear if I walked into a beautiful space like this each day!  I adore all of her special little touches, like the wire memo board, numbered jars, curtain fabric, wall hooks and mail baskets!  Everything works so well together, yet also holds a function.  Such a superstar space!

You can find more details on April's blog here.

Thank you April for stopping by today with your ooh la la laundry room and fantastic tips for creating an organized space to love!

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