A Few Christmas Pictures

I am looking forward to sharing pictures of Jamie's shower with you all. We will be offering several of the things created for the shower as downloads and silhouette cutouts but I haven't even transferred the photos from my camera to my computer yet, never mind sorted through them and started edititing so it may be a few more days before I have them ready to post. In the meantime I thought I would share a few random shots today and maybe tomorrow.  Here are a few photos from our Christmas.

Lola was helping Lillie and Mimi make little elf donuts made from cheerios on Christmas Eve.

Lillie playing Josh's harmonica. 

 Christmas morning:

Lola's grown so much since last year:

Here they are in their fancy dresses that my aunt sent them:

Enjoying a little dusting of snow Christmas day (a lot more came a couple days later!)

Story time before bed:

All tuckered out...
Have a lovely Monday!

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