My Parent's Chalkboard and E-mails

Back in October when I was visiting my parents I had some fun writing a fall quote on their new chalkboard, and then for Christmas my mom decorated it. While I was there this past month, after Christmas had come and gone and a new year begun, it was time for a new quote. My mom chose this one and I wrote it for her. I didn't use a chalk pen this time, I used just regular chalk.  I did this one more quickly than usual and if I had a chance I would go back and make the "b" in buy a capital B seeing how I ended up added a period at the end...maybe if it's still on there next time I visit I will fix it...or maybe it will be time for a new quote. I just finished a new one on one of my chalkboards here at home last night and am about to start on another one tonight.

This is what the desk looked like before we made it over back in October:

I removed it when I was taking pictures, but they have this cute little picture of Miss Lorelei tucked into the corner of their chalkboard.

I also wanted to quickly mention something about e-mails. We do our very best to respond to every single e-mail that has a question in it. If you have ever written in with a question and not gotten a response I would recommend making sure your e-mail address is typed in correctly. Although occasionally e-mails get stuck in our spam folder or I am sure at some point I have accidentally put one in the wrong folder myself, I know that quite often if you don't get a response it is likely that we did indeed write back to you but that it came back to us saying that it was an invalid e-mail address. I know that has happened to me several times recently where I have written a response and then a few minutes later it shows up back in our inbox saying the e-mail address was not valid so just make sure to double check when you type it in to make sure it is correct if you are sending us a message directly from our website.

I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday!

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