Studio Tweaking - Memo Board Happiness

My poor studio has been suffering as I hit a design mental road block.  I couldn't settle on a color scheme or find items that truly reflected my personality or vision for the space.  Unfortunately, the area is open to our lower level family room, which makes it a bit more tricky to go uber girly as I would like.  So, for months, it has been the drop zone, the room to pull from, the room with no direction.

After stumbling across the artwork of Michelle Armas, I knew it was exactly what I had been waiting for, and her art would be just the inspiration I needed.

So, I took the first steps in adding some color to the space with the new artwork, and also felt the need to re-evaluate the space above the recently painted dresser.

Once upon a time, we used a giant ol' thrift store frame to create a pretty memo board.

And I used it and loved it.  But I also loved that frame and because my studio wasn't finished, I wasn't using it as much as I had originally hoped.  So, the frame started getting used around the house for other projects.  So, when you saw the painted dresser, the frame was no longer there....

But, now that I am re-invigorated to move forward with updating the space, organizing it for Home Office month and using it daily, I wanted that memo board to come back to its original home.

A little fabric update {simple linen to tone things down}, a swap from horizontal to vertical, a photo and the new artwork to the right and some white balance adjusting on my camera, and I now have a fresh new look!

I have been playing musical lamps lately and the lamp that once lived on the dresser now lives next to the sofa in the family room, so I "borrowed" Preston's lamp as a stand in until I can find my own, or a different one for him.

I am now playing with some ideas to update the paint color on the dresser, or to bring in a solid, beautiful wood console instead since I don't have any wood toned furniture in the studio and I think it is just what the space needs {there is and will be a lot of white with pops of color going on in the rest of the room and I could use the dresser in our master bedroom for linen storage}.  Until then, the deep blue already blends a bit nicer with the softer accents above.  Only time will tell...

The memo board is beautiful and although we just updated it this week, I am already having fun pinning up current color trends, cards received, color palette ideas, business cards, photos, etc...

Funny how a simple update can re-inspire one to dive back into a room makeover.

How about a fun progression shot to show what a few minor tweaks can do?

And here is the direction I am hoping to go with the studio, however, knowing me, it's very likely to continue to be "tweaked" as well.

{source: basket, console, lamp, memo board, chandelier, chair, rug, art, magazine file, stool}

What updates have you made this month, that are leaving you invigorated and excited to use your space?  Anyone else have a memo board and loooove it?

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