Colorful Craft Paint Organization

The organization bug has bit me again, and I had a little fun with it.  This time, I decided to tackle a craft paint situation.

I am a craft paint lover because for around $1 a tube, you get bold color that can cover just about any helpless object.  Vases, planters, Easter eggs, art.... I have been known to head to my craft paint bin frequently.  However, up until recently, I really struggled to store my collection.  The colors seem pretty enough to be on display, but I also want to control the clutter and keep them corralled.  Another goal was to ensure I wasn't doubling up on colors I already owned.

Once I found a container to store the paints {more on that in a moment}, I instantly realized that once the paints would be placed inside, I could no longer identify the color inside of the tubes.  I would be looking straight down onto the craft paints when opening the lid, and I wanted to be able to quickly identify the color and grab what I needed in a jiff.

So, I spun my wheels for a moment and decided to plop down in front of the TV, catch up on some Kardashians and get crafty with my paint organization.

It basically consisted of me using a pack of All Purpose Adhesive Labels I found at the Dollar Store, combined with a circle paper punch and some Q-Tips.  I punched the labels with the circle punch and painted each color of paint onto the circle which I then stuck to the lid.

You probably could just paint dots right onto the lids themselves, however, I am not sure how well the paint would stay, and the cray cray in me likes the nice perfect circles.

It is important to have fun when organizing.  Have I mentioned that before?  If not, make organizing fun.  Seriously, it is so much better if you do.

Once I finished labeling the bottles, I tucked them into the new storage box.

I found this glass terrarium from HomeGoods.  It was a crazy bright blue that made no sense in our home, but that wasn't anything a good ol' can of spray paint couldn't handle.

And here she is, all pretty and happy on the counter in my studio space.

By painting the dots on top of the paint containers, I can see all of my colors and grab what I need in the moment of a project.  I can even tell the sheen of the paint, as some are glossy, some are pearly and others are satin.  I give this project a nice big gold star!

These simple and fun projects are my favorite.  And organizing while catching up on bad TV receives a thumbs up as well!

What is your favorite show to watch while you get your organizing on?

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