June Monthly Challenge: Table-tastic DIY!

As we continue to work outside and on our patio, the design and wish list has evolved.  We start to place in items and pieces, and realize what we are lacking, what colors didn't make sense and where our needs weren't addressed.

That is how the story of our new, charming little table comes in.

We have two outdoor chairs, one for lounging, another for sitting.  They add cozy seating to our deck in the warmer months and we loooove them.  But that is all we had.  They were clearance finds, and we pieced the frames with cushions and called it good.

But now that we are trying to give ourselves a functional place to relax during down moments, sitting in those chairs is great, but where do we set down a cold beverage?  Or a magazine?  Or a plate of cheese and crackers?  On the deck floor?  Nope.  The obvious solution was a small table.

I asked my Mr. if he could help me build a mini-console table for our deck.  Basically, using the same design that we used for our console desk in the studio, only shorter and less lengthy.  I was hoping to create something that would go the distance between our two chairs, be weather resistant, have an opening below to tuck a footstool, pillows or toys and just be that perfect spot for my ice cold margarita water.

So, we measured the distance between the two chairs and set off to the hardware store for supplies.

Because the table was for the outdoors, we went straight to the decking area.  Cedar was our first wood of choice as it smells great, is meant for the outdoors and could be stained immediately.

We found eight cedar balusters {for the frame} at $.94/each and a three eight foot cedar boards for around $3/each {which we just cut in half and sized to fit the top of the table for six total planks}. 

When we got home, the hubby got straight to work getting our table built and assembled.  He started by using his miter saw to cut the legs to our desired height.  We wanted the table to be around 20" tall.

His Kreg Jig was once again his best friend in this project.  The jig allows him to create edges without having exposed screws {they inset into the inside of the wood}.

Once the holes were created with the jig, the legs were assembled with standard screws.

The table would have four legs, and a support beam around the bottom perimeter {both sides and the back with an open front}.

Once the frame was assembled, we added one more support piece across the top center for the top boards to attach to.

For the top of the table, we used a book to create even and consistent spaces, and a brad nailer to attach the boards to the frame.

When it came to finishing the table, I again, walked the home improvement aisles and my jaw dropped at stain prices.  Anywhere from $20-$40 for a gallon of exterior stain?  Um, no thank you.  Not for a $17 table.

And then I saw the sample size cans for $3.  And they could be mixed to a specific color!  Score!  I selected Russet.

I followed the application instructions, and went with two thin coats.  It covered nicely and instantly gave the table a beautiful, natural look.  I was officially in love.

At this point, I was wishing I would have stained the planks prior to assembly.  Getting down in those cracks was a bit tedious and imperfect, but live and learn I say!

After the stain cured, I had the pleasure of placing it in it's new home.  Here she blows!  Isn't she amazing??

Simply beautiful!  Really, adds a nice warm and rustic element to our deck which is going in a very colorful direction.

I could have used a wood putty on the holes, but I actually liked them?  I am a weirdo.  The final dimensions of the table were 36" wide x 16" deep x 20" high.

Let's look at the details... the Kreg Jig gave the corners a very seamless look.

And those planks, sigh, I am crushing on the small space in-between each board.  We did it for weather and drainage, but I think it looks charming as well!

The color is pure perfection.  The natural, chocolate color really balances the gray and white decking.

Mission accomplished!  A place for a drink or a snack, a spot to plop down lounging necessities, tucked away foot stool and pillow storage.... And what I adore best of all is that it was hand built by the love of my life {and for around $20!}.  Talk about mushy gushy stuff right here!

Although we didn't initially plan for the table, I am SO glad we added it and the impact it has on the deck.  We are trying to finish all of these outdoor projects up for our final reveal.  Just a few more finishing touches and we will be D O N E!

How did you spend this fine weekend?  Did you get your build on too?

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