UHeart Organizing: "Makeup" a Beautiful Organization System!

Organizing makeup is fun for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because you get to combine beauty supplies with organizing.  It sounds like a girly fantasy if you ask me!  And if I am all alone on makeup organizing fantasy island, maybe you will be inspired to join me after checking out Serena's makeup organization system.  Here she is now!

One of my new years resolutions was to branch outside my comfort zone for makeup. I’ve always been a sucker for beauty products, but when I was gifted this amazing book {which by the way I had on my Pinterest wishlist for months - if you pin it, it will come!} I knew I had to up my game.

Since then I’ve embraced contouring, mastered smokey eyes and developed a strange addiction to highlighters…but my proudest achievement would fhave to be my freshly organized makeup station.


Initially my plan was to copy Kim Kardashian completely and start dating a rapper who creates scenes at televised awards shows and get one of these acrylic makeup towers.

However a quick perusal of Google taught me these professional makeup organizers cost upwards of $100. I decided until I had my own reality show, I wasn’t going to be wanting to spend that much. I needed a cheaper version that was just as pretty and just as functional.

Enter my local office supplies store. I was able to pick up this baby for just $14.95.  It’s meant for paper, but my makeup doesn’t need to know that.

The only thing it didn’t have was compartments within the drawers themselves to section of the various makeup goodies I planned to store inside.

Being on a budget, I really didn’t want to buy more dividers and trays to go within the organizer…and then it hit me. Those gorgeous Kate Spade boxes I’d been saving up because they were too pretty to throw away? They would make the most perfect, cheerful dividers!

I simply fixed them to the drawers with double sided tape to prevent sliding and behold my makeup organizer was born!

Each drawer now has its own compartment – primers and foundations at the bottom, eyes next, and then powders, highlighters and bronzers, with make-up sponges, Q-Tips and cotton pads up the top. Now when I want something I simply open that drawer and grab it – no digging!


For my brushes, I knew I wanted to keep them in open air for easy access, cleaning and drying time.  A cute vintage cup fit them perfectly, but I hated the sight of the big old makeup cleaner bottle sitting next to it. {And lets face it, if you don’t keep the makeup cleaner near the brushes, those brushes aren’t getting cleaned.}

Enter a recycled perfume bottle. I simple got an old perfume bottle {which I has hoarded put away with my ‘pretty’ Kate Spade boxes}, washed it thoroughly, and filled with my makeup brush cleaner.

Now, when I finish using a brush I simply give it a spray of cleaner, wipe off the excess and put the brush back good as new. I still give them a proper heavy duty cleaning every few months, but this way I can keep my makeup brushes clean with no fuss.


The last step in my makeup organization quest was to work out a way to keep things organized long term. I did so by creating this laminated cheat sheet - which I’ve totally made into a free printable for you – DOWNLOAD HERE.

The cheat sheet reminds me how long I should keep my makeup products and when I should replace them.

To work this out, I simply started attaching a sticker with the date on each new makeup purchase. So now, whenever I need to spring clean my makeup I just grab my cheat sheet and look at the dates on my makeup to work out what can stay and what needs to be replaced.

I have to say, having this makeup station has inspired me to be more creative with makeup, but it also makes it quicker for me to get ready and out the door every morning.  And to think it cost me less than $20!

What do you use to store your makeup? Do you have any makeup organization tips that you think I should try next?

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