A Bright Idea in the Bedroom

I love me some spray paint.  It is often times a super easy way to make a quick update to a space, whether big or small. 

Our master bedroom has always been the most soothing room in the home.  And I intend to keep it that way, however, it was almost too blah for my colorful taste.  So, we made a switch and put our beautiful blue dresser in the room to add color and storage.

So that end of the room was taken care of.  But the second I posted the other side of the room, I knew something had to be done. 

I love the molding and the bedding and the chandelier, but color and happiness was lacking a bit.  It was time to make a quickie update.  After scouring Joss & Main and HomeGoods for ideas, I realized I was in loooove with happy lamps.  By happy lamps, I mean lamps that boasted bold colors.  First, I pinned this one:

Every ceramic lamp in our home is cream.  It has been my way of playing it safe and ensuring they would be classic and versatile for years.  Classic and booooooring.  And now that years have come and gone, I decided that it was time to say goodbye to the cream, and hello to a new color.  I loved that pink is a major way!

I left the original lamps in our bedroom alone, they were pretty expensive, so I moved those to our family room and snagged my other, less expensive set from there to spray.  I started out by taping off the metal base and socket with painters tape, and giving the lamp a good coat of primer. 

The lamps were originally a high gloss finish, so the primer would ensure that the new glossy paint color would stick nicely without dripping and running.

Hellooooo pink!  Every room needs some pink I say!

I let the lamps cure, removed the tape and put them in our bedroom.  That night when my hubby went down to bed I heard a, "Jennifer!  What did you do!?!"  Haha.  Ooops.  I guess I just assumed he would be OK with bright pink lamps.  Not so much.  I didn't even get a chance to photograph the lamps in the room {I didn't mind the pink, but they were a little much I suppose}, before he took them back out and handed them to me, asking me oh-so-kindly to try again.

So, looking at the room, I knew the next best solution and compromise would be a pretty sea blue {Rustoleum Night Tide in Gloss}, to bring the dresser color to the opposite side of the room.  I also thought I would add some aged brass, just to play with the metal finishes a bit.

This time, I sprayed the bases the brass color, and let them cure for two days.  I was still a bit nervous to re-tape the bases and have the newly sprayed brass color remove when I pulled the tape, so this time I just wrapped a plastic bag around the base and pulled it nice and tight while spraying the blue color.  This was much quicker and easier than taping it all off.

And here they are now, all subtle yet bold in our master bedroom.

OK, so this picture doesn't show their awesomeness as much as I would like, since the natural light is so much stronger on the left side of the room.  Here is a closer look.

I can't even begin to spout how much I adore the sweet little update.  They are gorgeous!

The aged brass is super lovely, I love that it isn't a bold gold, that it is a little more subtle.

And that blue.  Oh so pretty and glossy! 

Oh, hi there!

I did forget to mention above that I did add another coat of primer between the pink and blue. You can see that the primer ensured the glossy paint went on nice and smooth and prevented those scary spray paint drips.

I still needed a way to sneak in a little bit of pink on this side of the room.  Those little pom poms on the pillow were much more tolerable to the Mr.

And the pillow and the lamps play together like best playground friends.

Anyway.  Totally a superfan of the sweet difference a little spray paint made to the lamps and that entire end of the room.  Even if I didn't get the pink lamps, I love where we ultimately landed, and love even more that my hubby is now happy.  Lesson learned.  Never assume because it makes a.... well, you know the rest.

And speaking of experimenting in design, I was really wanting to paint the nightstand drawer fronts white.  The hubby didn't agree, so we decided to temporarily slap some white vinyl on the fronts and live with it for a bit.

It took looking at the room through my camera lens to determine that I actually like the nightstands better with their rich, walnut finish and no busy white contrast.  So, the vinyl came off, and they will stay "as is" for now.  {You can image the "I was right" happy dance B did}.  But I still thought I would share as it was one more way we played with the space and ultimately landed where we did.

So there is a story of how a little spray paint, went a long way in our bedroom.  Anyone else have any bright ideas in the bedroom or anywhere else around the abode?

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