Bathroom Makeover Week! Day Four!

Ready to catch up on an episode of The Bold and the Bathroom?

Yep!  Day four has come and gone and we are still working away on the bathroom!  Day after day, little by little, it is getting there!  Hopefully we will have some time this weekend to divide and conquer {a.k.a. I play with the kids while the hubster finishes all of the major installs, and then I find ways to thank him endlessly for his super awesomeness}.

You can catch up on our progress here: Day One, Day Two, Day Three.

Two things happened yesterday.  Something small, something tall.

First, the small thing.

I got crafty.  The kids are writing a book so while they sat and used their author and illustrator skills, I decided to work on an itty bitty project for the bathroom.  Something I could tackle on my own, since I would totally screw up the installation of the remaining floors or installing trim. 

Raise your hand if you love salsa as much as I do.  Yummo.

Not only do I love me some chips and salsa, but I love the shape and size of the salsa jar.  I may collect them and wait to find ways to use them...  

First step was to soak the jar in hot water to remove the label.  That always leaves behind oodles of sticky gluey goo.  Remember the all natural Goo Gone I made way back here?

This stuff works SO good at removing that gross gluey goo.

I also spray painted the lid.  How about a little side by side action of what a salsa jar can become?

That alone rocks my world.  Love it.

And then my brain thought it would be funny.  I have these moments frequently where I think of something I think is hilarious, laugh and giggle to myself, get stupid excited and then tell someone only to hear nothing but crickets.  I think this may be one of those times....

I played around in Microsoft Excel to create a label for the salsa jar.  I printed a few options to select one I liked best.  You can find a tutorial that I use for these types of things here.

Yep!  I created a Tip Jar label.  Pretty cute right?

I very slowly and carefully hand cut out the label with some simple scissors and applied a little Mod Podge to the back and stuck it to the jar.  Once that was dry, I added a protective top coat as well.

Get it.  Tip Jar?

Q-Tips!  Bueller?  {cricket cricket}

Moving on to the something tall.

Something magical happened last night.  I went to dinner with a friend and came home to this.

Say what?!  And those beautiful sconces, they actually WORK!

Sweet baby cakes, I was SO excited!

First, the lights.  Once I found the oh-so-amazing long and tall mirror, I knew I wanted to flank it with some sconces, vs. throwing a single one over the top.  I thought it would just balance things out a little more.  SO happy with that decision.  I selected these from Home Depot.  They were the perfect size and finish. 

Installing the lights was a little out of our scope.  Bryan called in a helper to get them wired correctly and installed without cutting up the entire wall.  I think it is important to understand and know your DIY bounds.  It is also nice to have family with skills in electrical, plumbing and drywall. 

And remember the great mirror that I found at HomeGoods for $25?

It received some scrubbing with a magic eraser which took out all of the scuffs that we found it with.  And in typical Jen fashion I couldn't leave it all white.  It was lacking a little luster.

Enter the Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff.  And a Q-Tip from the "Tip Jar".

Every single little button thingy {technical terminology} on the mirror got a little gold buff action.  And I totally love the little imperfections of my sloppy work, I call it character.

Yeah... totally a fan.  Like I was doing the wave by myself in front of this mirror.  This room will be a mixture of metallic finishes, and I am diggin' how they play together so nicely!

And all together now!

The gray formica counter, sink and faucet are heading to the Habitat Restore, we are going to try and swap that out this weekend to freshen things up even more in there.  Hopefully it will go as smoothly as we think it will... Google will be our best friend as we take on a few more "new to us" projects.

Oh, and just because it's the weekend, that doesn't mean updates will stop... hoping to keep this real time blogging thing going!

Happy weekend everyone and....

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