Bathroom Makeover Week! Day One!

Less than one week.  That is all I have to update a dated and non-functioning bathroom.

We have always had a guest bathroom off of our guest bedroom.  It is located in a deep dark corner of the house and often times completely forgotten about.  Until we host company and give it a good scrubbing and stock the towels.  But I think there is a bigger reason we tend to forget about it.  It lacks personality.  Love.  Character.

It really doesn't feel like "us" or blend with the rest of our home.  And still sports every basic builder selected option you can imagine; linoleum flooring, formica counter, cheapo faucet, open door mirrored vanity with attached vanity bulbs....

We recently donated the vanity to a my in-law's retirement home, so we have been without any light in this bathroom for quite a few weeks now.  Oh.  And I forgot to mention.  The toilet stopped working.  And gives off an unpleasant odor.  Sorry for the TMI.

And guess what is the best part of this superawesomeyouknowyouarejealous bathroom?  We have company coming to stay with us in less than a week.  Yep!  So not cool.

This bathroom needs love.  And stat!

So that is what we are going to do.  Welcome to Bathroom Makeover Week!

One thing that I think has gotten lost in blogging is the real time, chatting about home improvement projects as they go feeling.  The sharing of every mistake, every change, the moments when you want to cry and the times you jump up and down like a crazy happy smiley person.

So I am bringing blogging back.  I don't care if the photos are "pin worthy" or if everything is staged perfectly.  This is our real life home, and our real life bathroom story.  Our first ever bathroom renovation.  We have absolutely no idea what we are doing and will be learning and sharing real time as we go.   Are you ready?

Monday - Day One:

Upon flying in from Haven, we realized that we had less than a week until our company arrived.  Time to get moving!

A few months ago we decided that ultimately the toilet in this bathroom would have to be replaced.  We also figured it was the right time to update the flooring as well, since the toilet would already be pulled out.  So we had already purchased the floors and toilet, and it has been patiently waiting in our garage for install.

I knew that since the toilet and flooring were going to be replaced, that I would also want to update the walls.  The color was actually really pretty, but it was a little dark for what I had in mind.  Speaking of what I have in mind.  Do you want to see the inspiration I put together for the space?

Of course, everything could change {and knowing me, it will a smidge}, however, it all started with the floors paired with the beautiful, colorful shower curtain I found this past weekend at World Market. 

I am hoping to bring in natural elements, happy colors and a mixture of finishes.  In the photo above you can also see the flooring we will be installing {it is the same that we put in throughout our lower level}.

First step was to run to our local Home Depot for some paint.  Painting always gets me SO excited for the rest of the room updates.  So I set out to find the perfect color.  And then I shared on Instagram that I was being picky about names.

Igloo was a close contender for the walls, but it made me think of an ice chest.  What guest wants to head to the frozen tundra to use the bathroom and take a relaxing shower?  So, Quietude it was.  {Psssst, the definition of Quietude is, "The state or condition of being quiet, peaceful, calm, or tranquil."  Totally what I am going for in this space!}

Ready to get started, I thought we should Google tips on removing a toilet, but my hubby ain't got time for that.  By the time I started typing www, he already had it taken out.  For those that know the right thing is to do your research first, you can find the detailed How To here.

To remove the toilet, my handy hubby turned off the water, manually flushed it a few times to empty the tank and also plunged the toilet bowl dry.  Once it was empty, he unscrewed the two bolts and lifted it straight to the nearby shower stall.  Once the toilet was removed, a rag was stuffed in the drain opening to prevent gasses from rising and anything from falling inside.

And then I was left with this....

Yep, ew.  The floor was not OK.

And that is a quick shot looking back.  The vanity with a lack of mirror and lighting.  The photos for this entire post were lit by a plugged in table lamp.  Pretty fancy eh?

Behr's Quietude is a super light gray with a tiny hint of blue undertone in it.  I went with the paint and primer in one combo thinking I was going to knock this bathroom out in one quick swoop!  Wahooooooo!

But before I could pull out the party hats and call it a night....  I lost the battle to the darker paint.  And I forgot how much I disliked painting a glossy sheen on top of another glossy sheen {I use Satin finish in a bathroom to ensure the walls can be easily cleaned}.  It is slippery so the paint doesn't adhere as well.  Round One - Bathroom.

I will say, it was really nice slapping the paint up without worrying about the trim or floors.  Yep, next step will be to remove all that old painted oak trim, so I just painted right up to it, and on it.

So, after thinking I was going to be done by 11 last night.  I wasn't.  I checked a few emails, thought about going to bed, but decided that I should be a good girl, keep the process going, and start a second coat of paint around 1:00 a.m.  This time, I won.

I still have a few touch ups, but I am pretty gosh darn excited about this progress already!  The new color is so much brighter and is a nice fresh slate for the rest of the color it is about to get hit with!

I know you want to Pin the picture above.  I will wait.  I kid, I kid!  Real life isn't always pretty.

Oh!  And see how yellow that floor is?  12 years ago that floor was a brilliant white.  And after weekly moppings and even another scrub down right before this picture, you can see that it really didn't age well.  And a few days from now, it will be bye bye!

So day one is done and I am about to head back to the bathroom to start on day two projects.

Today's goals:
  • Remove all trim
  • Install new light fixture
  • Prep the old floor for the new floor
  • Prime the vanity

I will check in again tomorrow with another update.  This week will be soap opera suspense type stuff I tell ya!

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