Bathroom Makeover Week! The REVEAL!

Oh my goodness I am so excited, I can barely stand it.  This will go down as one of my favorite reveals yet.  The suspense was even killing ME!  Day after day over this past week, we have put in every spare second of our time, our blood, sweat and tears into this bathroom makeover.

Let's take a minute to look back at what we started with.

Dated everything.  Blah white vanity cabinet, old formica counter, a toilet that wasn't functioning, discolored flooring and a medicine cabinet without a purpose and eighties lighting.  It really was a deep dark unhappy place tucked away within a nook of our home, and was not at all a reflection of us or our personality.

Hosting company put us into gear to hurry and give this room some love, and I couldn't be happier that we finally took on a project that has been on our "To Do" list for some time.

Day one I stayed up nice and late and slapped a few coats of paint on the walls {Behr's Quietude}.

Day two I primed and painted the cabinets {Martha Stewart Wrought Iron} and removed the trim to prepare for the flooring.

Day three I went on the hunt for a new mirror, lined the cabinets with pretty paper and the hubs started laying our new floors.

Day four the sconces were installed, the mirror was given a little love and I came up with some cute storage for the Q-Tips.

Over the weekend we wrapped up the installation items, such as the floor, the trim, the toilet, the sink and faucet and all of the hardware and shelving.  It was a VERY productive weekend!

So all of that build up and anticipation, all for the FINAL REVEAL!  We did it.  I am not sure how, I didn't think we would, but we did.  We got everything done the day of our company arriving.  I finished styling and shooting the photos only an hour prior.  That is some soap opera drama right there.

You have read all of the details for the past week, so I am going to let the photos do all of the talking today.

Let me just hop into the shower quick and give you my favorite view right away...

The wall received the pretty knobs turned hooks.  They now hold a hand towel and bathroom accessories.

The white counter cleaned up the entire space.  It now feels timeless, and allows all of the accessories to really pop.

The inside of the vanity received a little love as well.  The shelf liner was the perfect backdrop to the fluffy white towels, scrubbers, cleaning supplies and paper products.

Above the loo, we DIY'd and stained a wooden shelf, which now holds a mason jar of flowers and some wash rags.

The frame was a Goodwill find, and I added brass L-brackets from the hardware store to give it a little extra somethin' somethin'.

The art was a saying that I have been crushing at for quite a long time, that Emily Ley sure is a smart cookie.

Below the shelf was another Goodwill find.  A simple white dish holds yummy smelling soaps.

The hooks act as the perfect resting place for more towels.

Let's crawl back into the shower.  You can snag a sweet look at how the shower curtain plays nicely with all of the other colors and accessories in the space.

And how about we give some love to the new floors.  Completely waterproof, yet they look oh so warm, rustic and chic.

The cabinet to the right of the curtain holds a few extra goodies.  Extra toiletries and the new oh-so-sweet tip jar.

And that rounds out the week long bathroom drama with the happiest ever after!

Did I want to cry at times?  Absolutely.  Was I let down multiple times?  Yep.  Did I wonder time and time again if our marriage would survive or if we would finish in time?  Yes and yes.  Was it worth every last ounce of time?  No doubt.

I am excited to see what we can pull off within a week's worth of time, however, I now feel like I need a renovation vacation, so I am not sure we will be as ambitious with future projects.  But man does it feel incredible to walk into that bathroom.


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