UHeart Organizing: Oh Baby!

Let me start out by welcoming contributor, Ashli from Mini Manor Blog, and also giving her a HUGE congratulations!!!  She just adopted a little baby boy {and he sure is precious!!}.  I am beyond words excited for her and her growing family!  Ashli is just getting settled with her first babe, Hudson, and I am excited she is here to share a little about her organizing process!  

We were lucky we had the nursery painted beforehand in a warm gender neutral grey because we had about 1 days notice that this little guy was on his way to us.

Over the last six weeks we tackled all things nursery and that included the closet.

It's just a regular old closet . . . nothing special. We picked up a Rubbermaid closet organizer, it was  made for grown up clothing ;) but the great thing about those organizers is they are so flexible. The bars mount to the wall and the shelves and bars are all totally adjustable. Which means it can fit his little baby clothing (seriously how cute is baby clothing) now, and then adjust to fit him when he is a teenager as well. I would definitely recommend these Rubbermaid organizers for children's closets because they are easily adjustable to meet growing needs and feet. ;) Without having to drill and re-drill a million holes in your wall.

So for little Hudson's closet, I thought I would add on shelf for the clothes he wears now...

And one shelf for the clothes he will wear in the future.

And one giant green bin for the clothes he wore in the past. I know this is going to sound cliche but "They grow so Fast". I have the green bin for all the clothes he no longer fits.

Lastly I installed a couple of Ram hooks (in the shape of Ram heads) between his crib and his closet. The hook is perfect for holding his sleep sak between naps or when he is older holding his outfit for the next day.  (I found the hooks at Homegoods)

It's not a sophisticated closet system but I've always found that when it comes to organizing simple is usually better. One shelf for now, one shelf for later and one bin for before. Done and Done. Oh and a stock pile of diapers and wipes (we don't want to run out of those)!

"I’m Ashli from Mini Manor Blog. I live in Big Beautiful British Columbia with my Husband Lee and our 5 lb yorkie Max.  I have an organizers heart, I am a bin-aholic, and I’ve never met a wicker basket I didn’t love. During the summer I can be found lounging in the garden or at the gym . . . one of those was a lie. And in the last 5 years I’ve made more then 2000 cupcakes. I want to bake, eat and organize. Hand me some eggs, flour and an unorganized kitchen, that’s my idea of a great weekend, okay go ahead throw Ryan Gosling in there too."

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