Woop Woop! It's Monthly Challenge Link Up Time!!

Is your summer going as fast as mine?  I think it's a good thing because time flies when you are having fun, but whoa!  August? 

I just hopped off of a plane from the blogger Haven conference and although I feel like I have a Haven Hangover {head cold paired with the most awesome time ever paired with lack of sleep}, I couldn't be more excited and inspired than I am in this moment.  What an amazing experience!  I will be chatting more about those details in an upcoming post.

So now that August is here, let's reflect on July.  Did you organize something?  How about a junk drawer?  Or a puppy cabinet?  Or the trunk of your car?  Maybe the party supply basket in the back of your pantry?  I sure hope you took on something, because no matter what you accomplished, it is time to SHARE IT!

July has come and gone and now I want to see what you took on!

Let's face it.  Summer is busy!  We want to be outdoors hanging by the lake or playing at the park instead of taking on major organizing projects.  I LOVE to organize, but I still LOVE enjoying these beautiful months with my kids even more.  We have to soak up those glorious moments of sunshine and family time.  However, organizing doesn't need to take too much time to make a happy impact on your day and your life!  15 minutes here and there and it is amazing on what can be accomplished.

We mixed and matched a few organizing projects with a couple of home updates, so just in case you missed anything this month, here is our quick recap:

A huge thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  It is always so fun and rewarding to see all of the amazingness that you all take on.  I find so many new ideas and projects for my personal To Do list, and inspiration from your endless creativity, so these monthly parties really do make an impact.

Thank you everyone and...

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