WE Heart Organizing! Let's Party!

Did you all have a wonderful, happy and relaxing holiday weekend?  We made sure to combine a little family relaxation with project time to create the perfect weekend mix. 

So now that September is here, let's reflect on August.  Did you organize something?  Anything?  I sure hope so because I want to see it!

This summer threw me for a loop as I tried to juggle full time mom of three very active little men, while also running a blog, organizing, working on house projects, running a shop... oy!  Soooo much greatness, not enough time in the day.  But hopefully I am not the only one who loves to do some organizing just as much as I love having fun in the sun.  It's amazing what even 15 minutes of organizing can do to positively impact life.

As we often do around here, we mixed some organizing and planning with some painting and bathroom remodeling.  Here is a quickie recap of what we took on in August.

  • We completely overhauled our guest bathroom!  And it really makes my heart flutter.  You can find the full reveal here, which will also you link back to five other fun-filled days of live bathroom updates.
  • Then I spilled how we budgeted for the project here.
  • I shared my experience at Haven.  Yep, I tackled my fear of public speaking, laughed, bonded and made amazing memories.
  • We gave some lamps a fresh coat of paint, and now our bedroom feels like a whole new space.
  • Today is the first day of school and we were ready for it!  Check out this post to see how we created a lunch station, organized the cubbies and study boxes, slipped back into a clothing plan and began our school year routine.
  • Preston's closet needed a little love and organization, just in time for school to start.  You can find part one of the makeover here.

A huge thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  We had almost 200 link-ups last month, let's raise the bar this month.  It is always so fun and rewarding to see all of the amazingness that you all take on.  I find so many new ideas and projects for my personal To Do list, and inspiration from your endless creativity, so these monthly parties really do make an impact.

Thank you everyone and...

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