DIY Decorative Storage Box Ideas

As an organizing junkie, storage boxes are kind of a big deal to me.  Especially pretty, decorative boxes.  They are so great for EVERYTHING, including desk accessories, remote controls, keys, jewelry, hair accessories, coffee pods... They not only tuck away all of those hard to store itty bitties, but they also can double as great home accessories on desktops and bookshelves.

During my recent storage room cleanup, I found a few plain boxes ranging from unfinished wood options to simple shoe boxes, and they were all begging for a makeover.  So, I did some inspiration digging and thought I would do a quick round-up of some superstar storage boxes that were made with a little DIY love.

1.  Felt Boxes


These little felt boxes were crafted from pieces of felt.  I adore the vibrant colors and that they are small, simple and soft sided.

2.  Decoupage Boxes


Shoe boxes will become shining stars a few times over throughout this post.  They are "free", sturdy and easy to update.  These shoes boxes were updated by decoupaging maps around the outside, although, any pretty paper would do the trick!  The addition of the adhesive bookplate label holders give the box a polished, finished look.

3.  Fabric Covered Boxes


Look at the loveliness that can be created by combining shoe boxes with spray adhesive {or Mod Podge} and pretty fabric!  And can we talk about those stud embellishments for a moment?  Awesomesauce! 

4.  Romantic Boxes


Take those fabric or paper covered boxes to the next level by taping around the perimeter of the lids with adhesive fabric or layering in other sweet embellishments.

5.  Spray Painted Boxes


A combination of painter's tape and spray paint gave these white and typical boxes a bit of golden glam!

6.  Duct Tape Boxes


Everyday banker's boxes can be turned into chic, over-sized storage with a coat of spray paint paired with decorative duct tape!

7.   Jeweled Boxes


Unfinished wooden boxes have never looked better.  I love this one done in a beautiful emerald green paint and literally "dressed up" with jewelry!

8.  Neon Boxes


Neon is HOT right now, and so are these great unfinished wooden boxes, which shine bright thanks to some painters tape and neon paint!

9.  Geometric Boxes


These simple wooden boxes are also brilliantly bright with the addition of boldly painted geometric shapes.

10.  Lacquer Boxes


Lacquer boxes are likely to remain an essential piece of storage for any space due to their classic lines and versatility.  However, true lacquer boxes can be super pricey, so why not create your own with some high gloss craft paint?

11.  Top-Tastic Box

Give any simple wooden box oodles of character by adding a decorative object to the lid with super glue.  Make it look like it was always meant to be by using rub-n-buff or spray paint to cover both the lid and the item in the same finish.

12.  Malachite Boxes


These beautiful malachite boxes couldn't look more expensive.  The best part is that they weren't costly at all!  Just a simple wooden box paired with high gloss paint brushed on in random swirly patterns and you have a $200 box for a total of $8.

13.  3D Boxes

Paint seems to be a key ingredient in creating the perfect decorative box, but how about taking them up a notch with puffy paint?  The subtle embellishment adds endless whimsy to otherwise typical boxes.

14.  Stained Boxes


Hey!  That box looks familiar!  By giving the box a quick coat of a beautiful wood stain, it turned into a piece I was proud to place on my desk.  That little label holder didn't hurt the eyes either!

15.  Quarts Crystal Box


Hot gluing a few pieces of rock or crystal to the top of a pretty box will give you have a high-end designer look on a budget.  Simply brilliant!

Thanks to all of this over the top amazing inspiration, I am challenging myself to do something snazzy with a few of the empty boxes I recently discovered.  Have you created or seen any other great storage box makeover ideas, which offer up a decorative look while only costing pennies to create?  How do you use these little gems around your home?

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