Five Super Simple Ways We Organize Our Pet Supplies

Our furry friends complete our family.  We have two lovely pups {you can snag all the current pics on my Instagram}, and therefore, we also have some gear to organize. 

Organizing for pets doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact, we have done some things to keep our puppy things and processes super simple and also seamless to the rest of our home.  Here are my top five pet organizing tips.

1.  Set up a treat station!

I used an old cookie jar and mason jar along with some decorative labels and now the pooches have an instant treat station.  By keeping their treats in a place that is out in the open, we are more likely to reward their oh-so-good behavior more often.  And the labels ensure the whole fam knows to do the same {and not attempt to eat a puppy treat from the cookie jar!}.

Our Weimaraner takes calming chews each day because he has some anxiety if we have to leave him at home alone.  We also jokingly call them his "chill pills", so we labeled his special jar accordingly.

2.  Make Play Time A Breeze!

We keep a small basket on each floor of our home filled with puppy play toys.  The baskets are kept at dog level, small enough for the dogs to use their paws and dump them out and see-through so the dogs have a visual reminder to chew on their toys {vs. my slippers}.  Now, if I could train them to pick up when they are done....

3.  Create a Grooming Caddy

If I can put it in a caddy, I will!  Pet grooming supplies are no exception.  I found this utensil caddy awhile back at Target and it works perfect for transporting all of our pet supplies around the abode.  We clean our dogs in our shower during cold months and outside in a kiddie pool during the summer.  We clip their nails and brush their teeth in the bathroom and I brush our long haired pooch on the front steps.  Just what we do... so keeping all of their supplies in one, easy to tote around caddy wins big for us.

Inside you will find shampoo for each dog, toothpaste, brush, ear cleaner, nail clippers, de-tangling spray and their sweet bandanas!

When not in use, the caddy is stored in a small cabinet in our main bathroom {more on that in an upcoming post}.

4.  The "Take a Walk" Tote

In the past I stored the dog leashes in a drawer in our shoe cabinet.  However, they always ended up taking over the entire drawer and then we added a poopy bag holder and then our Bentley was upgraded to a harness.  Oh, and he gets cold really easily so he also acquired a sweet little sweater as well.

In order to keep all of the supplies near the door yet not visually taking over the entry, I decided a small tote on a hook would do the trick.

I even toss my ear buds in there so I have them for longer walks/runs...

The tote holds all of our dog walking essentials doesn't take up much space, so it was the perfect solution for the growing demands of our doggies.

5.  Feeding Nook

I always would struggle with trying to incorporate our dog bowls and food bins into our kitchen space.  They were always in the way, visually cluttering and constantly being tripped over {our kitchen doesn't have a layout that works well with excess feeding dishes}.

So, I found a new place that made much more sense, and that was a small nook in our laundry room.  By keeping the dishes in there, we can feed and water them in a quiet place, and keep their bowls out on a daily basis.  We have a wash sink in our laundry room, so we can wash their dishes each day and keep their water supply filled.

I added a grippy rubber mat to prevent their bowls from sliding around and to also keep the floor clean of crumbs and slobber.  We store their food in a large tin bin, which holds a labeled pooch scoop inside.

Our dogs are part of our daily life, and so are their things.  These are some of the ways we keep everything super accessible, yet tucked away at the same time.

What tips and tricks to you have to keep your fur babies organized?

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