"Fall"ing for the Little Things

Hiya friends!  I missed you today.  My littlest had caught a head cold like none other {in fact, we are all passing it around, yucky stuff}, so he was home with me today snuggling, playing Battleship and coloring pages and pages of his doodles.

I planned on taking a quiet day away from the computer, in fact, I didn't check in on things once the whole day and it was blissful.  As I enjoyed the peacefulness of our house, I took some time to enjoy the sweet little random moments that make our home feel like, well, home.  And since I have been spending every spare hour battling sicknesses and working on our storage room projects with nothing exiting to report {yet}, I thought I would stop in quick and share some of those happy little home moments.

Fall is here!  Leaves are changing and beginning to cover the ground and the air is getting crisp.  I typically fight the autumn season with all my being because I know what is right around the corner {six more months of harsh wintery snow?}, however, I decided this year I needed a new attitude.  I am really embracing it with fall colored clothing, endless apple cider and pretty yellow mums.

Don't they just look AMAZING next to our freshly painted front door?  And yes, that is a gold stemmed pumpkin.  Thank you Rub-n-Buff!

And for those that were hoping for a view of the beautiful front the door from afar, here you go! 

You can see the front porch up close and personal here.

Loving the pretty green grass out front so much, now that it has gotten a bit cooler and the rain has been falling, we also started patching in the grass out back.  And it is starting to grow!  Whoop whoop!

Up until recently, the only thing I could grow well was my kids.  But something must be in our water, because I have had success with a couple of things above and beyond the new grass seedlings out back.  This summer I purchased a dwarf lemon tree, and as of today I noticed itty bitty lemon blooms!  Sweet!

Succulents.  I should have figured these out loooong ago, they survive most anything!  That means they have been popping up all over our abode.

It has been my goal to bring in more home accessories and furniture that contain beauty, character and love, which means that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for vintage and thrifted goods.  I recently found this sweetly old magnifying glass.  It is the perfect example of how the little things can really make an impact.  Just charming.

That beautiful little glass sitting there is also a recent fab find.  I have been on the hunt for gold rimmed glasses for ages, however, thanks to their steep prices at most fine home stores, they haven't found their way home.  Until eBay shined a little light in my direction.

Inside that darling glass you will find my new favorite drink.  I have been cutting soda out of my life for awhile now, but every once in awhile I like to indulge in something bubbly and sweet.  This Sparkling Georgia Peach juice is delish {found at World Market}. 

Last but not least, I stumbled across a Craigslist piece I couldn't resist, and couldn't be more excited about.

For the last year now, we have been on the hunt for a hutch {similar to this}, to place on top of our current sideboard cabinet in our dining area.  Finding something with the right measurements has proven to be a no win battle and led us to believe we would be stuck trying to build something instead.  Not knowing how all of that would pan out and if we would be able to create something that was what we envisioned in the end, I finally gave in to the fact that finding this entire unit so inexpensively priced on Craigslist was the right route for us to take.  I am counting the seconds until we can bring her inside and fall in love with her.

Now I would love to hear your happy home moments?  How about amazing thrifty finds that are making your home more YOU?  Or even favorite fall drinks that we all must try...

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