UHeart Organizing: Baking Up Some Organization!

Some of my favorite moments in organizing, come when I find new storage uses for common everyday items.  Chelsea, from Two Twenty One, is stopping by today to share how she took control of her baking cabinet with something a little unexpected.  Here she is now!

There are endless things to organize in a kitchen, right? Well, recently I decided to tackle an area of my kitchen that was plaguing me-- my baking sheet cabinet.

Now that you saw the spoiler, let's see what I was working with before I got my organization on.
Does this look familiar? Kind of sad, huh? When I needed a certain sized baking sheet I'd have to wrestle with the other sheets and my silicone baking mats. It may not sound bad but it frustrated me. Something had to be done.

So I started to think of ways I could clean up this space. And then I had my baking sheet aha moment. An office paper sorter. Thankfully, the one I grabbed fit perfectly.

Tadah! Doesn't it look 10 times better? I'm able to easily see and grab the baking sheet or baking rack I need. I rolled up my baking mats and secured them with rubber bands. I was going to add contact paper before organizing but our kitchen cabinets are currently undergoing a makeover (woot!) so I'll wait until the makeover is over.

What do you think about this organization system? How do you organize your baking sheets?

"Hey friends!  I'm Chelsea from Two Twenty One!  I'm a twenty-something living in Indiana with my husband, Brad, and our crazy mutt, Jack.  My loves are photography, travel, DIY projects, baking, wine, sarcasm and my iPhone.  The husband and I are attempting to make our home a little less cookie cutter and a lot more awesome.  My little slice of the internet, Two Twenty One, is where I share my latest home improvement projects, furniture makeovers, crafts, recipes and home & seasonal decor ideas.  I am beyond excited to join Jen and the rest of the IHeart Organizing team!"

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