UHeart Organizing: An Organized Coat Closet

With the seasons changing, so are many of the items going in and out of our coat closets.  My pro organizing buddy, Ashli from Mini Manor Blog, is here today to share how she is getting her coat closet spick and span for the colder months ahead.

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you are all having a spooky and fantastic Halloween!  Today I am sharing my solution for the scariest place in the house, the front hall closet!

It seems like everything you don't want in the front closet ends up there and the things you do want in there, like your kids shoes and backpacks end up on the floor. Then there is the matter hats and gloves, scarves and reusable shopping bags. Some wire shelves, hooks and baskets turned our closet from spooky to serene.

First we installed the wire shelves for our shoes. I chose wire shelves because I wanted wet shoes to be able to have air circulate around them and dry out.

Another small investment was buying wood hangers. Coats are heavy {especially when your husband wears a XXL} so we invested in some big sturdy wood hangers that all match. They are functional and pretty!

Next we installed two wire baskets to hold all of the hats, gloves, leg warmers, boot inserts and everything else that comes with Canadian winters.

Above the coats was the perfect spot to hold seasonal items. In the winters we keep the sunscreen, swimming goggles, beach towels and other summer paraphernalia. The little chalkboard on the front makes it really easy to find what you are looking for.  {Basket is from Michaels}

Next we installed two hooks on the back of the door.  Hooks are our best friends.  We are all way more likely to hang up our coats if there are hooks readily available!  Which has inspired my new organizing mantra "when in doubt . . . install hooks".

Lastly on the bottom of the wire shelves we bought a little wire basket add on for our reusable shopping bags. I never found anywhere to store them inside the house, but this works perfectly. I have to go into the closet to grab my shoes and coat anyways, so I never forget to bring them.

I hope this helped you un spook your home a little bit.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

"I’m Ashli from Mini Manor Blog. I live in Big Beautiful British Columbia with my Husband Lee and our 5 lb yorkie Max.  I have an organizers heart, I am a bin-aholic, and I’ve never met a wicker basket I didn’t love. During the summer I can be found lounging in the garden or at the gym . . . one of those was a lie. And in the last 5 years I’ve made more then 2000 cupcakes. I want to bake, eat and organize. Hand me some eggs, flour and an unorganized kitchen, that’s my idea of a great weekend, okay go ahead throw Ryan Gosling in there too."

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