WE Heart Organizing! Let's Party and Get Social!

Now that fall is in full swing and it is the lovely month of October, it is time to take a look back at superfab September.

Did you clear out a drawer?  Build a wall organizer?  Organize winter gear to prepare for the upcoming cold months?  Maybe you emptied an entire room like we did?  No matter what the project, I know I can't wait to see it!

It is always fun to look back and celebrate our accomplishments each month.  Here are some of the things we tackled in September.

  • We finished up a desk project for our oldest.  He wasn't using the space the way we initially thought he would, and at the end of the day it was trying to function for too many tasks.  Now, it is a clean blank slate {wahoo!  even a month later it is still going strong}, and simplified for studying.
  • During the process of updating Preston's desk space, we determined that his puzzle building hot spot would have to be relocated.  He really loves to work on them away from his little brothers and in his spare quiet time, so we DIY'd a little puzzle table that he can easily pull out from under his bed to use and then stow away in-between uses.
  • September was a big month for me.  I confessed my deep dark storage secret and started facing my biggest organizing project head on.  The first step was to remove everything and start putting in custom storage solutions.  Oh, and we painted the floor the prettiest blue ever.
  • Because we emptied out storage room into my studio, I have been working in other areas all over our home.  To accommodate my traveling mess, my hubby whipped up a little portable work station which I can use while working from the couch or late nights in bed, and then leave on our buffet in the kitchen while working that the table.  Loving it!
  • One of the biggest problems in our storage room, was the paint situation.  12 years of paint cans needed to be condensed down and taken care of.  So did all of my other paint supplies, and I am pretty smitten with the results!  You can snag all of the dirty details here.
  • I am finding all sorts of goodies while digging through my storage room piles.  In typical organizing fashion, I am either donating, trashing or keeping everything I touch.  In an effort to eliminate the storage mess I had prior, I am challenging myself to do something with the items in my keep pile.   So, I made a cheapo vase look pretty with some paper and spray paint.
  • I have been traveling for work like crazy, and have met a lot of really talented and creative people along the way.  It was time to deal with the business card clutter I had in my purse, my suitcase, on my desk and even on the floor.  A little craft project and now my business card storage box will become one of my favorite office accessories yet.

Oooh!  And this month I want to try something exciting to get a little more engaged with y'all socially.  There are times I do a quickie project and don't blog about it, but it is still impactful.  For example, the other day I purged down my nail polish collection and said goodbye to any that were too old to use any longer.  Maybe not blog post worthy, but I am sure a few of you lovely ladies need to do something similar.  So, it got me thinking, let's have fun sharing some of these moments on Instagram?!  I love me some Instagram {OK, so call me officially obsessed}, so I thought it would be extra awesome to share our current organizing projects whether right at the beginning, in the middle of the mess or the final result, with our own Instagram hashtag of #wiorn {What I'm Organizing Right Now}. 

Could be pretty cool right?  I sure think so, but then again, I am an organizing loving nerd who loves every project big or small.  With your participation this social fest will be amazing so please join in on the fun, you can also follow along here

A huge thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  We had a record breaking 285 link-ups last month, let's continue to raise the bar this month!

IHeart Organizing is not responsible for the content uploaded and shared within the Monthly Link Parties on within the #wiorn hashtag feed.  However, it is a great way to join together in making organizing fun, so let's use our best internet etiquette and have a great time with this social party!

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