Christmas Placemats and More Wholesale Info

Our New 11 by 17 disposable Christmas Placemat Sets are now in stock! Just like the Thanksgiving ones they will come bound together in pads of 12 placemats and are printed on 60 lb cardstock so although they are lightweight and not something that would hold up to repeated daily use, with light use they could probably be used multiple times. (Please keep in mind they are not actual chalkboards, they are chalkboard prints). Each set comes with a cover sheet on top as shown below.

You can get a little peek at how the room is coming along in the next shot. I plan on doing a full dining room post next week showing some more of the progress we have made and will include sources and details for the new lamps and sideboard. You can find the sources and paint color for the other items here.

Also we wanted to let you all know that we were able to change some things around and lower our wholesale prices. If you are looking to place a wholesale order just e-mail us at and we will send you a wholesale ordering guide.

Have a wonderful week! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week!

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