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I hope you all had a beautiful fall weekend!  I am {this} close to finishing up a painting project that turned out pretty great and I can't wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, I have been busy typing up a storm for my pals over at Better Homes & Gardens.  As many of you know, I contribute to their Style Spotter's blog a few times per month.  So, those looking for even more organizing and storage tips along with some major eye candy, feel free to stop over there to check out the following articles written by yours truly:

Also!  I had the opportunity to meet an extremely talented organizer turned friend at Haven this year.  Geralin Thomas is a professional organizer to admire, and she was sweet enough to interview me for her site!

And for a major "pinch me" moment.  Have you heard of IKEA?  Ha!  Silly question.  They are a pretty big deal right?  I have only used their storage pieces all over our abode because I totally dig their versatility and prices.  Well, they finally caught me stalking them and having fun hacking all of their furniture and asked if they could feature our home!  The hours and hours of painful assembly fingers and getting lost in the happy-land aisles with uncontrollable carts has paid off my friends!

You can check out the superfab feature in their online edition here

From the bottom of my overflowing heart, thank you all for your continuous sweetness and support!  Four years ago when I started this blog I never would have guessed that these dreamy opportunities would come my way.

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