Our New-To-Us Painted Dining Room Hutch - The REVEAL!

First, thank you SO much for the super kind comments on our little {ok BIG} hutch painting project I shared yesterday.  We really love it and your sweetness filled my heart.  Smooches to you all!

Today, you get to see it all filled up and finished.  I didn't think I could love it more, but now that it is done and living up to this huge expectation I had of it, I am beyond smitten.  We get to host Thanksgiving this year, and now I am counting the days because this new piece of furniture is the perfect addition to our party {and dining room}.

Majority of the items on the shelves and behind the sliding glass doors, were things we had previously stored in cupboards in our kitchen or within our previous sideboard.  I did spring for a couple of new joyful glasses from Target... more on those beauties in a bit.

The shelves within the main opening of the hutch hold our glasses, decanters, mixers and bar tools.  The pictures speak a million more words than I need to type, so here are a few closeups of the prettiness. 

You see that charming little wooden box below the wine glasses?  It was one of those unfinished wooden boxes from the craft store....

I stained it, hot glued a pretty button to the front, lined it with felt and added some lettering inside the lid.  It is now the most fabulous storage for our bar tools.

The side shelves are perfect for storing our cookbooks and meal planning binders.

And those oh-so-festive glasses from Target I mentioned earlier.  Aren't they fun?

It is always nice when you can store all of your entertaining items in one place.  The lovely, decorative items live above and the less than beautiful items are stashed below.

The opening in the bottom was designed to hold wine bottles.  We like to keep a couple on hand for those unexpected special occasions... You know, those days when you accomplish something that you have been working towards for a very long time?  Or when someone stops by with really exciting news?  Or the time you get invited to a last minute dinner party?  It's always nice to be prepared I say.  And because we didn't need all of the wine slots, the extra openings hold our oversized chargers and some rolled table runners.

The cabinet to the left is where the magical happiness takes place as it holds all of our party supplies!

Everything from utensils to ice cream cups to paper straws and party hats.  Many of these items previously lived in a bin under our stairs {what?} and now they are right where they are meant to be.

The other cabinet holds all of the outdoor dining items that we removed from a cabinet in the kitchen when we created our lunch making station.

The drawer was the perfect solution for our cloth napkins and candles.

And that about completes the cabinet tour!

Here is my favorite view, gazing at it from across the way in the kitchen.... good thing my hubster is in charge of cooking most nights!  I wouldn't get anything accomplished and the kids would be eating burnt noodles.

Although I completely adored our previous sideboard paired with the floating shelf, it always felt as though the tall wall needed to be more functional, and it also needed a bit more color.  It also feels great to have all of our entertaining essentials in one space now as before they lived in random areas all over our home.  I think our mission has now been accomplished.

And now for the jaw dropping side by side of the Craigslisted hutch before paint and after....

Transformations like this always amaze me in the best of ways.  Essentially all we did is paint the new-to-us hutch and adjoining wall, and it feels like we moved into a whole new happier home!  I think this project did the trick in holding me over until the rest of the kitchen renovation comes along!  But it also made me even more excited! 

* Hutch color is Sherwin Williams Reflecting Pool

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