WE Heart Organizing! Let's Get This Party Started!

Can you believe it is November already?  It seems like the months are just whizzing by!  Who is hosting Thanksgiving this year?  We took on the challenge and are really excited to get the house in hosting shape over the next few weeks.  

Did you have a productive October?  Maybe you tackled the trunk of your car or cleaned out a craft closet.  Maybe DIY'd some storage or installed shelving?  Maybe you took on your biggest organizing project ever and couldn't feel more amazing about it?  Whatever the task or project, big or small, it is always fun to look back and celebrate all successes!

Although we don't have a lot to show for it YET {and didn't have a ton of posts to share along the way}, we accomplished more in October than ever before.  We faced three storage areas head on and lived to tell the story.  And took on a few side projects as we went, to keep things fun and interesting.

  • As we purged our storage areas, we made multiple trips to different donation sites.  So keep it all straight and ensure we were documenting each and every thing that we let go of, I whipped up a pretty little donation tracker worksheet.
  • We have two really sweet pups that have their own set of storage needs within our abode.  You can check out our super simple pet friendly storage tips and tricks here.
  • I found a gem of a storage cabinet in our utility room and I knew it had to head upstairs to our main bathroom.  That one find created a desire to spend an afternoon giving the whole bathroom a little refresh.
  • I finally shared an update of our storage room disasters, along with the raw emotions that we felt along the way.  Although I didn't have oodles to report in on as we spent forty plus hours sifting and sorting through three rooms worth of piles, I appreciate you all standing by patiently as we tackled these important areas of our home.  
  • All of our hard work was rewarded with a quick little getaway to Florida, where we also took an afternoon to crash and update my in-laws laundry room.

Also, I really wanted to thank everyone who has been instagraming their organizing projects.  I have had so much fun checking in and seeing what y'all are working on, live and in the moment.  So fun, inspiring and motivating without the wait of a blog post.   Smiles and a round of applause for that!  For those that want to follow along, you can keep up with the #wiorn hashtag here.

Once again, you all rocked last months challenge and link party.  I am excited to do a recap of your awesomeness and also kick off this months organizing challenge today!

As always, a ginormous thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  Checking out your posts is my guilty pleasure every month, so bring it on!

IHeart Organizing is not responsible for the content uploaded and shared within the Monthly Link Parties on within the #wiorn hashtag feed.  However, it is a great way to join together in making organizing fun, so let's use our best internet etiquette and have a great time with this social party!

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