Lillie and Lola's Christmas Room

We haven't done much in Lillie and Lola's room since we first showed you the progress we made in there this summer (we did do quite a bit to it when we moved in - you can see that and a full source list here). We did add a few little Christmas touches in here though a couple of weeks ago. First we added the little yarn trees we made last year. You can find that tutorial here. We planned on making a few more in a brighter pink and some blue but haven't gotten to that yet. The nutcracker was a birthday gift from her grandmother. She saw it at Target a little while ago and fell in love with it so was so excited to open it. She even named him Brooks, after our friend's new baby.

My sister, Dana got Lillie this little piggy bank at Target several years ago and he pretty much always wears the crown we made for her third birthday and in the winter we add the little fur piece that Jessica from Joyfolie sent a few years ago. The shoes are from Joyfolie as well. Lola's are on the dresser.

The girls picked out this little tree from Target this year for their room and they picked out a set of pink and blue ornaments as well. Lillie was very careful to try to space hers out around the tree pretty evenly but as you can see Lola enjoyed seeing how many she could get on each branch. =)

And we added a few to this little stocking my mom made for Lillie for her first Christmas. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday. I'll be back later in the week to share our guest bedroom…that's the plan, anyway. I still need to go through all the pictures but I am pretty sure I sure be able to get it done.

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