A Little More Progress on the Entryway

We are nearing the end of our entryway makeover! Yay! Last week our new light fixture arrived and the following day I hung it with help from a couple of the women's basketball players. I have hung most of the ones in this house that I've switched out myself (well, if you don't count Lillie - haha!) so I have to say it was really nice having a 6'3" helper holding the weight of the chandelier while I wired it.

I ordered the smaller size but it still is a bit bigger and has a bit more "bling" than I was expecting (which probably sounds silly seeing how I knew what it looked like when I ordered it) but in real life it has taken a bit of time to adjust to it. Haha! I originally planned on going with a lantern in here but the more I stared at how it would look from the angle where you could see the chandelier in our dining room I realized the lantern I  liked really wouldn't coordinate very well with that so I went a completely different direction. I thought this one would coordinate well with it, and I do think that but it is a bit more of a statement piece than I was planning on getting for the entryway - whoops! Haha!

Even though all the rest of the Christmas decorations were put away in the attic I left the garland on the stairway up so I could take pictures with the new light fixture seeing how I knew it was going to look quite bare once we took the garland down until I get around to dealing with decorating the wall going up the stairs. 

After I took some pictures I took the garland down and it was back to our bare railing.

And here are a few more before and during shots:

Wall Color - Moonshine in Matte Finish
Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-gloss Finish
Door Color - Mopboard Black in Semi-gloss Finish
Beadboard Wallpaper - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Clock - Savvy in Williamsburg, VA (a couple of years ago)
Runner - RugsUSA - can't remember what pattern it was but when I get a chance will try to look it up and add it in later
Painting - Savvy in Williamsburg about six years ago
Chandelier - Pottery Barn

You can see a full post here with more details on the runner and walls here.

Now I just need to add artwork on the wall with the thermostat and some kind of gallery wall going up the stairs and it should be finished.

I hope you all have a blessed week!

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