An Organized Cleaning Cabinet

Earlier this week I shared our new laundry room built in.  One of the main reasons that we created the wall-to-wall unit, was to give ourselves a tall cabinet to hold all of our cleaning supplies.  Previously, they had been spread out all over our home, everywhere from the garage to the kitchen to the linen closet.  Heck even the mop and bucket were being stored in the main bathroom shower.  Although the basic everyday all-purpose cleaners remain under our sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen, the remainder of the supplies are living happily in their new cabinet.

Although the above image shows a few of the items we use throughout the week, it doesn't show the stockpile of additional products that were being stashed on a tray on the opposite side of the room.

We have been making our own cleaners and laundry detergent for awhile now, and with that, comes the need to stay stocked on supplies such as baking soda, washing soda, borax, bars of soap and lots of vinegar {the bottles of "water" are actually vinegar, which I transfer to old water bottles for smaller under sink storage}.  We have also been reducing the number of paper towels we use, by switching over to microfiber cloths and sponges.  The goal was to not only store our already made cleaners in the cabinet, but all of these products that we use to make the cleaners as well.

The closet was already off to a great start with the addition of a few grip clips to hold the brooms and mop, however, there was still so much potential.  The large solid wood door was begging to act as additional storage; so I listened and agreed.

I purchased two cabinet organizer racks and a small double rod towel bar.

To install the organizers to the back of the cabinet door, I placed a few of the items within the rack and held them on the door while my husband marked my desired placement.  I made sure that the items I was placing into the rack {especially the lower one}, were simple to put away and take back out.  I also made sure that the items would clear the shelving built inside the cabinet.

Because we built the door ourselves and it is made out of solid wood, we were able to drill right into the door to install the organizers.

Something funny to mention, we initially installed the double towel bar upside down.  Oops!

Everything was stocked into the organizers, which of course, is my favorite part always.  Something about seeing everything fit and nicely organized makes my heart race.

During a recent trip to Target, I picked up a new handled duster for our hard to reach nooks and crannies {previously I was just using a hand mitt to dust}, and also found some really great cleaning clothes I got a little too excited about.  

We have been using special microfiber for dusting and cleaning glass for quite awhile now, but after a use or two, it is always hard to remember what was used on glass and what was used on the wood and dirtier surfaces.  Target had a box of clothes that come pre-labeled with the type of cleaning they are intended for!  I was oddly excited and astounded, and it should now mean no more cleaning mix ups for the Jones family! 

The double towel bar was a perfect spot for all of the extra rags, a hand towel and my cleaning gloves.

The floor of the cabinet was just a painted finish, and although the paint has cured, it was susceptible to chipping and scratching due to the storage of the vacuum cleaner.  I had purchased some shelf liner in a pretty yellow color, however, upon opening it I realized it was not in a finish that would allow for me to wipe it up should something spill or while cleaning.

Once I placed down the yellow liner, I installed a layer of clear over the top.  Problem solved!

The upper shelf holds our mop bucket and laundered mop heads, along with our cleaning caddy.  The bulkier boxes of cleaners and supplies were also tucked on the shelf behind the caddy.

We also added one more clip to hold the new duster, which I love because I have a self diagnosed even disorder {a.k.a. an odd love for symmetry}.

All of these sweet little additions have now doubled the amount of storage inside of the closet!

And made it a bit more cheerful!

I don't love to clean, but I love a clean house.  Hopefully having this new storage setup will make the process even easier.  And the nearby folding counter has already proven to be a really great place to also whip up a new batch of homemade cleaner.

Anyone else been scooping up cleaning supplies that are making your cleaning routine a bit smoother?  Am I the only one that lets out giggles of excitement in the shopping aisles when I discover something new?

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