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First, I am excited to give a warm congratulations to my friend and contributor, Chelsea of Two Twenty One.  She recently announced they are expecting a wee one and I couldn't be more thrilled for her and her husband!  I am already giddy for her baby organizing posts, since Chelsea always comes up with such creative solutions around her home.

Today she is here to share how finding out this news has already changed the way they look at and use their home.   Starting with a beautiful dresser and a need to upgrade her gift wrap organization.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I announced our big news that I'm expecting our first child.   And many of you know, when a new family member is about to join a family some rearranging has to happen in the house in order to make room.  In our case, my husband's home office will become the nursery so we're having to move some of his things into our guest bedroom.  Consolidating two rooms into one isn't going to be the easiest, but we're beginning to purge and reorganize our things.
One project I tackled this weekend was cleaning out this old dresser and the items we were storing under the bed in the guest bedroom.  The dresser is one of a few family heirlooms we have in our home.  My mom and aunt used the dresser as little girls, so the piece means a lot to me.

Now, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I didn't use the dresser for anything.  It basically acted like a glorified TV stand {we got rid of the TV during our weekend purge} and surface for our guests to use.   But the drawers were empty.

At first, I didn't know what to put in the dresser.   Our guests rarely stay longer than 2-3 nights, and I've never had anyone say they wanted to put their things in the dresser.   I thought about using it in the future nursery but due to its age and depth, I opted not to go that route.

A light bulb went off when I came across two totes I use to store gift wrapping supplies under the guest bed.  We have other things from my husband's office that can go under the bed so I decided to store all of my gift wrapping supplies in the dresser-- turning it into a gift wrapping station.
The bottom drawer of the dresser has seen better days so I decided to store my Christmas wrapping papers and bows in that drawer so I wouldn't be opening it very often.

I used the middle drawer to store gift boxes, larger gift bags, and birthday and other occasion wrapping papers.

The top right side drawer holds tissue paper and smaller gift bags.

The top left side drawer stores extra bows, shredded paper for gift baskets, scissors, gift wrap cutter, tape, and rubber bands.

Who knows if the dresser will remain a wrapping station for long, but it's working for now. It took me less than 30 minutes to organize and put everything in the dresser so I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to put the items somewhere else if we find a better use for the dresser down the road.

"Hey friends! I'm Chelsea from Two Twenty One! I'm a twenty-something living in Indiana with my husband, Brad, and our crazy mutt, Jack. My loves are photography, travel, DIY projects, baking, wine, sarcasm and my iPhone. The husband and I are attempting to make our home a little less cookie cutter and a lot more awesome. My little slice of the internet, Two Twenty One, is where I share my latest home improvement projects, furniture makeovers, crafts, recipes and home & seasonal decor ideas. I am beyond excited to join Jen and the rest of the IHeart Organizing team!"

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