Hooked on Navy!

That is right!  I am so hooked on navy, that I brought it into our main living spaces!

As you may remember, we recently painted our living room to bring more flow to our upper level.  I know it was a shock to many, but we have been so impressed with the difference the gallon of paint made.  Wall to wall space for our kitchen, dining room and living room is about 24 feet wide.  By painting the rooms the same light color, it felt like our space doubled!  Although, after the painting update there was one thing that made it all feel a little lack-luster to me....

The creamy curtains seemed to just disappear into the windows and no longer supported the wall color.  With the green walls they offered a neutral balance, however, with the grey walls their impact was minimal.

Being a deer in headlights with my studio, I ordered a few fabric samples to bring in some color, pattern and softness to the space.  When I received the navy ikat pattern in the mail, I instantly placed it up against the wall in our living room and my gut said, "DO IT!"  I wasn't even really looking for fabric {I actually planned to just paint/stencil our previous curtains}, but it was just so right.  So I ordered twelve yards of the Premier Prints Raji Slub Premier Navy Fabric.  I always get nervous at this point, but I love that fabric.com offers coupon codes, free shipping and the ability to return your fabric if it doesn't work out {not paid to say that, just where I shop for fabric}.

When it arrived, we took a good week to measure, cut and sew up the new panels.  The process was pretty simple for a sewing rookie, however, I will say that a huge table and extra hands were helpful at times.  Four basic sewn rectangles later and we were able to use drapery ring clips to hang the new panels.

We used our previous curtain rods and hung the panels from ceiling to floor.  It makes such a dramatic statement and also gives the appearance of taller ceilings.

We also opted to do the same panels in both the living room and adjoining dining space to unify the feeling and flow between the two areas.

The updated panels brought in SO much warmth!  I can't get over the dramatic impact that the single change made to both spaces.

My favorite view...

The navy seemed to work well with the tealy blues and other accent colors we already had within the two spaces.  And although I was initially more giddy for the curtains to make a statement within the so-light-so-much-white living room, I was a little surprised at how much I loved them in the dining room as well.

And because no post is complete without a before and after, not only does paint make a statement, but apparently curtains do as well!

This morning when I walked up the stairs and entered the living room, my heart literally fluttered.  The room impacts my mood and I am giddy about how it is evolving!

The overall goal for the space was to only make a few minor changes to get a big impact.  We started with a gallon of paint, now added the curtains and the final stage is to address the white built-in with the addition of doors and a rustic wooden top.  Can't wait to see how that warms things up even more!

Navy is my current color crush, what is yours?  What one change have you recently made to a space that completely changed the entire feeling?

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