For the Love of Coral Continued...

Happy Easter weekend everyone!  Is it starting to feel like Spring where you live yet?  It always takes our area a bit to catch up, but that doesn't mean that I am ignoring my urges to bring a little bit of the season indoors.

Not only is spring influencing my color choices as of late, it is also inspiring me to check a few unfinished rooms and projects off of my To Do list.  I always feel like I have 101 projects in the works or in the wings and that type of chaos tends to get a little overwhelming.  Because my husband works outside of the home, a lot of what we do is completely based on the time we have and what we are able to build into our nightly schedule.  One day we may have thirty minutes to tackle something small in the studio and the next we may have three hours to go after a project in the laundry room.  I have become custom to working in this way, but unfortunately, it has gotten a little out of control.  We have project supplies purchased for our utility room {still not done six months later}, our laundry room, our living room and our studio.  I am aiming to take a month off of starting anything new and focusing on one area at a time to just finish the areas nagging on us the most.  This week was our dressing room.

Earlier this week I shared the biggest piece of the dressing room project, which was adding in a few storage towers with shelves and drawers for our extra accessories.  I also grew my jewelry board with a fun coral addition; which consisted of pairing a bed sheet with a stencil and cork board.

After living with the coral for a few days, I knew it was the right move.  Bold, but happy and fresh and exactly what I was aiming for in my windowless sanctuary.

We use our dressing room multiple times per day, not only for getting ready each day, but also for doing any exercise, stretching and treadmill running.  We also use it at the end of our day to prepare for bed.  I have always wanted to create a sanctuary that greets me with a smile each morning, as it is the first thing I see when I open my eyes and the first room I enter to begin my day.  I am a believer that your surroundings impact your attitude and mood, so I am excited to finally be putting a few more details into the space.

I initially purchased a coral flat bed sheet after seeing the new Threshold stools at Target.  The stools totally made my heart race, but there was no need for me to purchase them when I had two perfectly useful x-base stools already sitting in the center of our dressing room at home.  So, I set out to recover them in the same color as the inspiration stools, using a twin sized flat sheet.  The sheet covered both stools as well as the cork board I shared earlier this week. 

I shared our initial stool reupholster project back here, and we essentially followed the same steps.  We removed the scarf {which held up surprisingly well over the last year given that it was never upholstery material}, and pulled the sheet tightly around the bench cushion.  We secured the sheet with our staple gun, giving each staple an extra tap with the hammer to be sure everything was nice and secure. 

The bottom of the stool already had pre-drilled holes for the tufted buttons.  But the original blue buttons were not going to cut it with this new color scheme, so I set out to create new white buttons with the help of a kit.

Once the buttons were created out of some scrap white fabric, we tufted those stools and it was awesome.

The next project was to create a chalkboard to track our weekly exercise plan.  A place to jot down our running sessions and routines and the results of any time spent on our workouts.

I started with a frame found at a local thrift store, and gave the glass five coats of chalkboard paint.

I also painted the decorative frame with some flat white paint.  Once the chalkboard paint was dry, we used an oil based Sharpie paint pen to create the lines for the tracker.  We followed our previous chalkboard calendar tutorial here.

The letters on the calendar were created out of some gold foil with my Silhouette die cutting machine.

The final fun project we did was finally get around to hanging a print I purchased back in October {that totally seems to be how things roll around here}, as well as a decorative hook.  The hook was placed near my wardrobe as a place for me to hang outfit selections.

I have been living with a stand in table for a few months while I used my vanity in my studio, however, I had enough of that and brought it back in where it belonged.  For a hot second, our entire dressing room looked magical!

And a view from our bedroom....

With all of the airy and spring like colors being used, I tossed in a few black accents to keep it all a bit balanced.  I totally heart it!

We just hung the new chalkboard workout log yesterday afternoon and you can imagine I am giddy excited for Sunday to roll around so I can begin using it!  The hubby and I are about to get competitive, so this will be a perfect place to track some {fingers crossed} results.  More on our exercise corner here.

The vanity is happy to be home.

I topped it with a coral vase filled with one of my favorite blooms, as well as a candle, glass of amazing gold makeup brushes {gifted to me from a very dear friend} and a small lamp for added lighting.

You can see how I organize my makeup here.  And how I tackled the interior of my wardrobe closet here and here.

It was so fun to see what a few simple additions could do for our space.  One coral corkboard, a set of coral stools {made from a bed sheet}, a framed print paired with a decorative hook hook topped off with our black and white striped throw and boom!

I was asked in the last post if my space always looks this tidy and the honest answer is no. I love having good systems in place, but we have piles of laundry and bedding and personal items out and about at any given time.  I try to tidy up once per week or if company is coming, but just like the rest of our home, the space is loved and used. 

How is spring inspiring you lately?  Any new colors being used or projects being done with a nod to the seasonal change? 

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