IHeart A Good To Do List

Boy oh boy do I love to make lists!  Don't you?  Totally my idea of a good time.

I have found that my weeks run a bit smoother when I take 15 minutes out of my weekend to prepare for the upcoming week.  I don't do well going into a week blindly, so I look at the week ahead and review what I already have written in from school notices and emails while adding in updates and meal plans.  This is the time I also like to set my goals for the week and review my ongoing To Do list.

I found that I was continuously transferring my goals and "to do's" through my planner week after week and decided that an on-going working document would be much more effective.  Plus, checkboxes only make to do lists better, so I definitely needed some of those in my life.  What is it about checking off a task that makes me want to do a little jig?  Such a good feeling.

So, I did what any printable lovin' gal would do.  I created a quick To Do list printable; one page for home and one for work {I just print it front to back so that they can both be on the same sheet inside my planner}.  I also created a page that contains both on a single sheet.

I love it so much I also wanted to share the free versions with YOU!

{click here to download your FREE to do checklist}

Now, I can print the master list as needed and punch it into the current week and just keep moving it through my planner.  Or hang it on the fridge.  Or tuck it in my purse.  Gotta love a simple and colorful printable that makes running life even more fun!

Happy weekend my blog pals!

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